Mumukshu Sheetal's Initiation Ceremony

Published: 30.11.2012

FIU Miami

The Mahavir Jayanti ceremony at FIU started off by an inimitable "Ceremony of Initiation Rituals" for Mumukshu Sheetal. Mrs Kusum Baid and Jeevan Prabha Mehta carried out the graceful rituals first time in history in a US University. Mu. Sheetal received her blessing to be ordained from Acharya Shree Mahashraman. The event was attended by the Dean, the Professors and students.

Mumukshu (literally meaning "seeker") are nun-initiates who spend time with the nuns before making final decision in joining the nun order. Mu. Sheetal was in Miami from 2010 and was mentored by Samani Chaitanya Pragya and Samani Unnata Pragya. She was untiring in her devotion, working with the community and at the same time attending FIU courses, helping Samanijis with research, conducting Sunday classes for Jain kids and also in conducting Yoga classes for the grown-ups.

Mu. Sheetal decided to join the Samani order while in Miami. She was given a ceremonial send off with traditional procession and religious ceremonies at the Jain temple of Miami. The whole community rejoiced the gracious ceremony, first of its kind in the history of Miami and Florida. Credit for arranging procession and religious ceremonies in Jain temple goes to Mukund Shah, President JCSF and his active team.


JERF Newsletter 2012-03

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