Posted: 24.02.2012
By Mohan Lal Mehta
Hemacandra's Works Hemacandra was the most versatile and prolific Jaina writer of Sanskrit. Since he composed works in the most varied domains, he was called 'the Omniscient of the Kali Age (Kalikālasarvaj ñ a). He was born in 1089 A.D. and died in 1172 A.D. He belonged to the Śvetāmbara sect. His patrons were the Caulukya kings Jayasi ṁ ha (Siddharāja) and Kumārapāla of Gujarat. The...
Posted: 23.02.2012
By Mohan Lal Mehta
Tattvarthadhigama Sutra Umāsvāmin or Umāsvāti is the author of the Tattv ā rth ā dhigama Sūtra or Tattvārtha Sūtra, the first Sanskrit work on Jaina philosophy. He lived in an early century of the Christian era. The Tattvārtha Sūtra is a manual for the understanding of the true nature of things. It is recognised as an authority by both the Śvetāmbaras and the Digambaras. It deals with Jaina logic,...
Posted: 22.02.2012
By Mohan Lal Mehta
Canonical Commentaries The canonical texts are variously explained by different authors in different times. These explanations or commentaries are mainly of four categories: Niryuktis, Bhāṣyas, Cūrṇis and V ṛ ttis. The Niryuktis and the Bhāṣyas are in verse, whereas the Cūrṇis and the Vṛttis are in prose. The Niryukti commentaries are composed by Preceptor Bhadrabāhu (5th century A.D.) who is...
Posted: 21.02.2012
By Mohan Lal Mehta
Mulasutras Two explanations are offered for the term 'Mūlasūtra'. Some scholars are of the opinion that the term 'Mūlasūtra' means the original text, i. e., the text containing the original words of Lord Mahāvīra as received directly from his mouth. Some are of the view that the Mūlasūtras are the fundamental texts intended for those who are at the beginning of their spiritual career. The following...
Posted: 20.02.2012
By Mohan Lal Mehta
Preface Jaina literature is a vast field and the cultural material hidden in it is of immense importance. The canon forms the earliest Jaina literature. The Jaina canon as a source of cultural history is not less significant than the Buddhist and Vedic literatures. The essence of the Jaina canon lies in the teachings of Lord Mahāvīra. The Aṅga texts form the nucleus of the entire canon. Canonical Texts The...

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