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Posted: 22.08.2012
Updated on: 03.11.2012

Claremont Lincoln University

The 2012 Claremont International Jain Conference

Bioethics: Religious and Spiritual Approaches

August 24-25, 2012

Claremont Lincoln University, Mudd Auditorium
1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Conference Schedule:


Friday, August 24, 2012



8:30-10:10 am

Welcome Ceremony



Keynote 1: Professor Cromwell Crawford (University of Hawaii), "Can Religions Contribute to Understanding Bioethics?"

Responses from the World's Religious Traditions

10:30 am-12:30 pm

Session I: Procreation




Keynote 2: Dr. James Hughes (Trinity College, CT):"How do We Care for Future People?"


Response: Dr. Kalpna Savla (Obstetrician and Gynecologist)

Dr. Varsha Bhatt Mehta (University of Michigan):"Ethical Dilemmas of Neonatal Practice"

Samaniji Unnat Pragya (Florida International University):"Is Ethics to Render Justice, Punish or Empathize? (A Jain Ethical Perspective in Context of Disabled Children)"

1:30-3:45 pm

Session II, Part 1: Life




Keynote 3: Dr. D.K. Bobra, M.D. (Vascular Surgery Associates, Phoenix, AZ):"Living With Non-Violence"


Response: Dr. Manoj Jain (Infectious Diseases Specialist, Memphis; Contributing Author, Washington Post)

Rabbi Elliot Dorff (American Jewish University):"Rachel Said to Jacob, 'Give Me Children or I Shall Die'"

Dr. Surendra Singh Pokharna (Former Scientist, Indian Space Research Organization): "Exploration of General Systems Theory and Jain Philosophy"

Dr. Robert Hesse (President, Contemplative Network): "Conscience and Consciousness: A Christian Perspective"

4:15-5:50 pm

Session II, Part 2: Life




Subhash C. Jain (University of Iowa): "Karma Doctrine and Bioethics"


Dr. Ram Agarwal (University of Miami): "Hindu Bioethics in the Present Medical Context"

Dr. Predrag Cicovacki (College of the Holy Cross): "Reverence for Life Versus Killing"

Swasti Bhattacharyya: "Creative Women, Babies & Science: An Inter-weaving of Culture, Religion & Bioethics"

6:15-8:00 pm

Dinner Program

Haddon Patio


Dr. Nitin Shah (Professor, Loma Linda University & President, Anekant Community Center), "Religion of Humanity"

8:15-9:15 pm

After Dinner Talk (Free and Open to the Public)



Dr. Gary L. Francione (Rutgers University), "Jainism and Vivisection: The Problems of Moral Relativism, the Defense of Self/Others, and Consequentialist Analysis"




Saturday, August 25, 2012



8:30-10:45 am

Session III: Future




Keynote 4: Dr. Brian Cummings (UC Irvine): "Stem Cell Therapies for Neurological Disorders: What is the science, what is the hype?"

Response: Dr. Harvinder Sahota (Cardiologist and Inventor)

Dr. Rita Sherma (Nalanda Confluence Institute): "Hindu Chaplaincy"

Brianne Donaldson (Claremont Lincoln University): "Why Animals Need Jainism to Differ with Science: A Jain Intervention in the Discourse of Bioethics"

Rabbi Harold Rabinowitz (author of Religion in America): "Why a Jew Should Care what a Jain Believes: The Evolving Jewish Ethic of Human-Animal Relations"

11:00 am-12:45 pm

Session IV, Part 1: End of Life





Jain Samani Dr. Chaitanya Pragyaji (Florida International University): "Sallekhana and Euthanasia: A Question of Sanctity and Bio-ethics"



Response: Dr. Jayesh Shah (Internist, Methodist Hospital, Monrovia; President of JCSC)



Whitny Braun (Claremont Graduate University): "Sallekhana: The Ethicality and Legality of Religious Suicide in the Jain Religious Community and the Ramifications of its Practice for Future Generations"



Dr. Christopher Key Chapple (Loyola Marymount University): "The Bioethics of Death in Jainism"


1:45-4:00 pm

Session IV, Part 2: End of Life





Dr. Faisal Qazi (President, Medical Network Devoted to Service [MiNDS]): "The Degree of Certainty in Brain Death: Probability in Clinical and Islamic Legal Discourse"



Seth Clark (Claremont Graduate University): "Reincarnation and Near Death Experiences: Dealing with Death from a SGI Buddhist Perspective"



TED Video on Eco-Friendly Death



Dr. John Ray Peteet (Harvard Medical School) & Dr. Tom Peteet (University of Massachusetts): "Signature Religious Virtues in Bioethics"





Dr. Shugan Jain (Chairman, Jain Studies Program in India): "Bio-ethics: Traces and Foundations in Jainism" (via Skype)


6:00-10:00 pm

Evening Program at JCSC



Cultural Program by JCSC Members

Matthew Zaro Fisher (Claremont Graduate University), "Memories from Jain Studies in India"

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