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Posted: 18.07.2012

Pratishtha Mahotsav Ceremony for a United Jain Temple

Jain Center of Central Ohio (JCOCO)

Columbus, Ohio:    

The Jain Center of Central Ohio (JCOCO) is celebrating its official opening, or Pratistha Mahotsav, from July 20th to 23rd, 2012. It is a very auspicious day for the Jain center to have its own temple now ready for celebration and prayers. JCOCO has a very small and vibrant Jain community which was founded in 1991. Since its beginning it has focused on building its own temple, and now that dream has come true. The structure itself is a traditional temple with an area of over 7600 square feet. Our Ghabharo (inner Sanctum) will have the presence of Shvetambar pratimajis of Adinath Bhagwan (our Mulnayak) and Parshwanath Bhagwan, and a Digambar pratimaji of Mahavira Bhagwan.  In the Rangmandap we have Guru Pundarik Swami and Guru Gautam Swami and also marble patts of Sammetshikhar Maha Tirth and Shratunjay Maha Tirth along with Navkar Mahamantra and Siddha Chakra patts. We also have Chakreshvari Devi, Sarsvati Devi, Shri Manibhadravira, and Shri Ghantakaranveer who also reside in the rangmandap. There is an upasra where people can perform samayika, meditation, etc., library, and a class rooms for adult and children religious classes; and a large multipurpose room.

During the Pratishtha Mahotsav, the community will be honored with the presence of dignitaries such as Shri H.H. Charukeerthiji Bhattarakji, Amrender Muniji, Dr.Taralaben Doshi, Shri Girishbhai and Sushilaben Shah, Nareshbhai and Minaben Shah, Narendrabhai Nandu, Narendrabhai Shah, Ashutosh Vyas, and JAINA president Dr. Sushil Jain and his wife Asha Jain. Our Sanghpati (Guest of honor) for the event are Dr. Shri Nikhil and Rupa Doshi of Mansfield, Ohio and Shri Talakachand and Taraben Shah of Mumbai, India.

The four day program is full of activities such as colorful varghoda (Procession) various pooja vidhis to  purify all moorties, a cultural drama entitled “Munnabhai Mile Chetna Se” directed and written by Rakesh and Neha Jain, and inspired by the 9th century classic Sanskrit work “Upmiti Bhav Prapanch Katha” (A Metaphorical Story of the Worldly Journeys). This drama performance is the first time ever therefore we invite people from all over to come and witness our entire Pratishtha program. Our Jain Sangh is very united and committed to work together for the betterment of Jain community as a whole.

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