26./27.06.2012 ►Prof. Hampana in Berlin

Published: 06.07.2012
Updated: 30.11.2012

Impressions by the CfJS.FU students

Professor Hampa Nagarajaiah from Bangalore University, Karnataka, came to visit the Department of Art History of the Freie Universität Berlin in June 2012. For the students it was an honor to present him the Center for Jaina Studies and its enormous holding of books - special thanks again to Pierre Amiel who donated most of the books.

All excitement seceded when Professor Hampana walked through the gates of terminal A in Tegel airport. Despite of his long journey from Bangalore to Berlin with a stopover in Frankfurt/Main, where he had to walk “hundreds of kilometers”, as he told us with a mischievous smile, he walked through the gate with enormous power and strength and welcomed us with a bright smile.

It was the kindness of Rolf Tinius to meet Prof. Hampana at the airport, accompanied by Patrick Krueger, Johannes Schröder and me. After a warm hearted welcome all went to Thinius' residence in Berlin Dahlem where Carola Tinius, his wife, had a delicious lunch at home.


Later, we had a short walk around the Museumsinsel  (Museums-Island), and then Carola carted us to the residence of the Prof. Bruhn, where he and his wife,  Mr. and Mrs. Geerdes and Prof. Gail were expecting their special guest as well as his “guardians”, as Professor Hampana called us.

Later in the evening we met Prof. Zin and Isabell Johne at Arman's, an Indian restaurant of course, where again we were enjoying delicious food. Noticeable exhausted of this eventful day, we all felt the need of “recharging “our power, as Professor Hampana liked to say.


Very early next day Robert Arlt and I met the well regained Professor Hampana at his hotel and accompanied him to the Department of Art History of Freie Universität Berlin, where he gave an interesting lecture on the “Importance of Kannada Literature with special reference to Jainism”. He declared the language of Karnataka, ‘Kannada’, and its importance for Jainism and its scripts.. After our question concerning Jainism, inscriptions, festivities and more had been answered,  a common tour through the Museum of Asian Art, situated near the university in Berlin Dahlem, took place.


After buying some souvenirs for his daughters and granddaughters, Professor Hampana took his train to Bonn. Johannes, Patrick and I accompanied him to Berlin central station. It was a sad goodbye but we all are looking forward to follow Professor Hampana's invitation to meet him in Karnataka as soon as possible!

Dear Professor Hampana, thank you for a very good time full of joy and learning - it was an honor for us meeting you!


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