Admission To International Summer School For Jain Studies Now Open

Posted: 12.01.2012
Updated on: 02.07.2015

International Summer School for Jain Studies, ISSJS

Program To Study Jain Dharmic/Religious Tradition In India


Friends, we bring to you greetings for the new year and news about admissions to International Summer School for Jain Studies(ISSJS), 2012.

Jain Dharma/Religion originated in India several thousand years ago. An elder cousin of Buddhism, Jain dharma teaches a lifestyle rooted in the practice of non-violence. Its teachings inspired Mahatma Gandhi.

Students and scholars will learn about Jain traditions from practicing monks and nuns, as well as learned lay scholars in INDIA.

Designed for undergraduate and Graduate students, Post Doctoral Fellows and full time faculty with an interest in the Jaina traditions and faith, the three week, four week and six week long, stand alone and separate intensive courses in ISSJS 2012 will entail morning lectures, afternoon field trips, time in a few ancient cities and meetings with Jain professionals.

Please note that the last date to apply for ISSJS 2012 is February 14, 2012.

Since 2005, every summer. International Summer Schools for Jain Studies (ISSJS) have been offered regularly in India and the # of participants has seen a steady increase; with just 7 in 2005 to 60 in 2011.

ISSJS is unique in that

  1. It is India based and makes India a class room for the study of Jain, history, culture and philosophy.
  1. In addition, it is highly subsidized financially and in some cases offers quite attractive financial assistance (travel grants and stipends) also.


Please see the attached flyers for details and ISJS web site

Kindly give it a wide publicity and encourage students and faculty to apply.


With many thanks.

Sulekh C. Jain, PhD,

Dilip V. Shah,

Chairman ISJS Governing Council

Past President JAINA

Houston, Texas, USA

Philadelphia, PA

281 494 7656 (home)

215 561 0581 (home)

832 594 8005 (cell)

215 868 0381 (cell)

Email; scjain(at)



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