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Posted: 05.12.2011
Updated on: 02.07.2015

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Nadial: 05.12.2011

Preksha Dhyan Workshop Among Prisoners of Nadial Central Jail

Make Good Use of Your Life: Samani Vineet Pragya

Preksha Dhyan Academy organized workshop at Nadial Central Jail. 200 prisoners were addressed by Samani Vineet Pragya and Samani Jagat Pragaya. Samani Vineet Pragya told that anger is one of reason to commit crime. She gave training to control anger. She also taught deep breathing to prisoners. She said all of you got human life and it should be used for good cause. She inspired all of them to lead good life after release. Samani Jagat Pragya sang one melodious song which inspired them to leave evils and accept goodness. Head of Jail presented literature and he told that it will be kept in Jail library.

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