Posted: 09.10.2011
By Eva-Maria Glasbrenner
The 12th Jaina Studies Workshop at SOAS on 18-19 March 2010, although only two days long, felt like a long journey through the history of Jainism. This year's theme was a very striking one: Jaina Yoga, a rare focus in Jaina Studies but highly interesting and long awaited. In spite of all the thorough research on yoga, the Jaina perspective has traditionally been ignored. This is not at all justified, as the...
Posted: 05.03.2010
10th Annual Jaina Lecture: The Historical Development of the Jaina-Yoga System and the Impact of other Indian Yoga Systems on it: A Comparative and Critical Study Sagarmal Jain (Pārśvanāth Vidyāpīṭh, Varanasi) Date: 18 March 2010Time: 6:00 PM Finishes: 18 March 2010Time: 8:00 PM Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre Type of Event: Lecture The Annual Jaina Lecture will be followed by...

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