31.07.2011 ►Value Building Camp For Children

Published: 31.07.2011
Updated: 09.06.2015

Kesinga, 31.07.2011, Bal Sanskar Nirman Sivir

In Guidance of Sadhvi Shri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji, A one day “BAAL SANSKAR NIRMAN SHIVIR” was organized” (Value construction camp for children)”. More than 250 children took part in this camp. Children came from 13 different towns. Sri Panmal Nahata, the In-charge of Orissa state gyanshala & Sri Chhatrapal Jain, the member of mahasabha karyakarini was present in this camp. Children showed good spirit & participated in the camp in a disciplined way.

In this occasion Sadhvi Sri Kundan Rekha Ji said- Such type of Camps for children is an indispensible need of today’s time. Ganadhipati gurudev Sri Tulsi always said that the values which children learn at tender age always remains with them. Even in special circumstances they don’t get disturb. Taking this in concern ghyanshala (A place where children are taught with moral values, do’s & don’ts, spirituality, good behavior, etc) was started.Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji diversified & developed ghyanshalas. Now Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji through Ghyansalas is working hard in changing the present scenario of darkness. It is well expected that children should grow their plant of values into a broad & big tree. And work in increasing the dignity of Guru and Dharma.

Sadhvi Shri Sobhagya Yasha Ji said that- The life of children is simple & innocent. In the land of innocence we can grow anything & can harvest anything. Simplicity should become a boon for the society.

Sri Chhatrapal Ji was much cherished on looking the huge brigade of Children. Shri Panmal Ji presented the “Ghyanshala Prarup”. Sadhvi Shri Kalyan Yasha Ji said- Children are our future, our future society would be in the hands of present children, and therefore we should work hard to make them good man. At Last she said- Good wishes for the future of these children.


Slogan of Ghyanshala Ghar Ghar Jage satsanskar, Ghaynshala ka ye upkar & a banner representing that.
Sadhvi Sri Dr.Kundan Rekha Ji & associate Sadvis present in the camp.
Children Singing Ghyanshala song, uttering Namokar Mantra.
Children sitting & listening carefully to Sadhvi Sri Ji. You can see a huge number of children are doing samayaik that is they are dressed like a monk & being like a monk for 48 minutes.
Sadhvi Shri Ji addressing the children.
Kanya mandal singing song in the event. Children are sitting in a straight queue & in a disciplined way.
Children of ghyanshala performing act & cultural program.
Children using Yogashan, in this photo they are using TADASHAN.
Children doing vandana.
A cute & nice group photo of participants of the camp.
Prakash Jain jainprakash29@gmail.com
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