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Terapanth Professional Forum Guwahati

Guwahati (Assam), 17th July, 2011

The Inaugural Meet of TPF Guwahati Branch was held on 17th July, 2011 in the pious presence of learned Sadhvishri Nirwanshri ji, a leaned disciple of H.H. Acharya shri Mahashraman ji at Terapanth Bhawan Guwahati, Assam. The Meet was represented by 55 Terapanthi Professionals from different fields including Doctors, Advocates, Engineers, Academicians, MBA, CA, CS, CWA, CFA etc. Encouraging part was the presence of many youngsters below 30 years age and a good number of female participants. The Theme of the Meet was “Difficult is to know oneself”

The Meet commenced with the chanting of Namaskar Mahamantra by Sadhvishri followed by opening remarks by TPF National executive committee member and Guwahati Sabha secretary CA Nirmal Kotecha who also was the programme convener.

Addressing the professionals and huge gathering of lay followers, Sadhvi Shri Nirvanshri ji said –“Terapanth Dharam Sangha is a diversified Sangha. It is a unique sangh. Our spiritual head have identified the palpation of time and acted with farsightedness. Our society’s beginning towards higher education in the outcome of their preaching and encouragement. The atmosphere of higher education in women of our society is the result of their preaching. Our earlier ten Acharya were so farsighted that they used to work keeping in mind the pace of time. The present Acharya - Acharya shri Mahashraman ji is working with the power inherited from the earlier 10 Acharyas  to guide each and every section of the society. Today the GUWAHATI branch of TPF has been installed.  The inauguration of TPF Guwahati Branch will surely be beneficial for the Whole Terapanthi Samaj not only in Assam but North East of India as well. This branch will play an active role in spiritual development of the members apart from their professional and economical development. This way society will also get benefited from TPF’s active participation. The Terapanthi Professionals along with their professional work will also develop a spiritual habit amongst themselves.”  She thrust upon professionals to develop skills to become International level speakers on Jainism, Terapanth, Anuvrat, Preksha Dhyan and Jeevan Vigyan. She also advised participants to practice Moral values in their professional life.

The chief speaker Dr. Sadhvi Yogkshamprabha speaking on the subject “ Difficult is to know oneself “ said - Todays people, though have willingness to know the world, yet he never knows himself. The true meaning of curiosity is to move in the direction of knowing one self. For this journey it is essential to have emotional balance apart from the high intellectual development. All arts learnt by a person are useless unless he learn the art of controlling emotions and keeping balance in adverse circumstances. This is possible only if one goes for seeing one self, and that can happen through practise of Preksha Meditation, diving life with high moral values and developing the consciousness of Anukampa (of not doing harm to any creature)

Fellow Sadhvis - Sadhvi Kundan Yasha ji, Sadhvi Lavinya Prabha ji and Sadhvi Mudit Prabha ji also blessed the occasion by their gracious presence.

Keynote address was delivered by TPF National Vice President (East) CA Prakash Baid, in which he stressed on the necessacity of TPF and presented the concept, objectives and Structure of TPF with its objectives and mission. Sri Prakash Baid declared the formation of Guwahati Branch and nominated CA Ajay Bhansali as its first President. Sri Baid formally handed over the constitution and other necessary documents related to the branch to the newly appointed President Sri Ajay Bhansali. He also encouraged the professionals to join this Forum

In his address to the professionals National Jt. Secretary  Shri Sushil Choraria paid tribute to Acharya Tulsi who had dreamt of the Terapanthi Intellectuals serving the Dharam Sangh besides developing their own personality, and to Acharya Mahapragya’s farsightedness in thinking of the Terapanth Professionals Forum as an advisory body to the Terapanth’s  Acharya and the Vikash Parishad and expressed sense of gratitude towards Acharya Mahashraman ji for blessing the Forum in the last years 3rd national conference of TPF at Sardarshahr and also on the Occasion of Maryada Mahotsav-2011 at Rajaldeshar. He also said that now in the era of Acharya Shri Mahashraman ji, the Terapanth Professional Forum, which is in infant stage, is working under the leadership of TPF NATIONAL PRESIDENT Sri Narendra Shyamsukha with the blessings of Acharya shri to unite and bring together the professionals of Terapanth to work for the development of the Sangha.

Smt. Kalpna Baid (wife of Mr. Prakash Baid) & present Vice –President of Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Mahila Mandal was also asked to express her views. She said that it was her privilege to come to Guwahati and Sadhvi Shri Ji’s presence is always a source of inspiration for her. That it is only under the Holy guidance and encouragement of Sadhvi Shri Ji TPF Guwahati Branch has emerged. She further wished all the success to the TPF, Guwahati Branch.

The maiden President of TPF, Guwahati Branch Sri Ajay Bhansali also come forward and expressed his goals and objectives for the coming period and requested the Terapanthi Professionals to join the forum. He requested the professionals to come   forward and to play an active role in development of the society by contributing through their expertise.

Mr. Manoj Nahata, CA offered the formal vote of thanks.  The guests were presented mementoes and literature in Assamese style. The programme was nicely compered by Sri Nirmal Kotecha, Secretary of Guwahati Terapanthi Sabha and National Executive Committee member of TPF.

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