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Posted: 09.08.2011
Updated on: 02.07.2015

In presence of  Terapanth’s 11th Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji’s  saint Sadhvi Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji, wWith Sadhvi Parimal Prabha Ji, Sadhvi Sobhagya Yasha Ji, Sadhvi Kalyan Yasha Ji, Maskhaman Tapasya Abhinandan (a very important event) was celebrated.

Maskhaman refers to living without food for 1 month (Fasting for 1 Month). Person doing maskhaman takes only water for 1 month. It’s the biggest surprise that people doesn’t take food for 1 month. But it is seen in Jain Dharma. Whereas we can see that in today’s life we even can’t tolerate hunger for 1 day.

TAPASYA  is a way to get rid of sins or pap karmas. Till today 4 maskhamans have been already completed in Kesinga, 3 persons were welcomed & greeted on date 9.8.2011 &  1 was welcomed & greeted on date 29.09.2011. Still more to come.

From the day when Sadhvi Shri ji has arrived in Kesinga, long fasting & Tapasyas are going on in Kesinga. Kesinga has proved to be a TAPOBHUMI (Place of a number of tapasya or fasting).

On the day of tapasya abhinandan, A huge rally started from the Jain Bhawan covering whole the town.
Long queue of people walked in the street of the town. People were surprised & eager to see the tapaswis, who did maskahaman. The Rally started from Jain Bhawan, It passed & covered the whole town & at the end it came back to Jain Bhawan.Hundreds & hundreds of people participated in the rally. Not only Jain’s, Non- Jain people also participated in the rally. The whole town was in colour of tapasya.
The rally was followed by tapabinandan samara (Greeting & welcoming event). A long list of peoples expressed their views. The programme was well hosted by Journalist Sri Anil Kumar Jain.

1 month Fasting was done by:

  • Sri Rajesh Ji Jain
  • Smt.  Sima Devi Jain
  • Smt. Manji Devi Jain
  • Smt. Ramkali Devi Jain.

At the end of the event the tapaswis were presented with photos of Acharyashri Ji. Sahitya (books), etc.



Sadhvi Shri Kundan Rekha ji


Maskhaman tapaswi (people in 1 month fasting). From left to right: Shri Rajesh Ji Jain, Smt. Sima Devi Ji Jain, Smt. Manji Devi Ji Jain.


Saint Sadhvi shree ji & her associate sadhvis.


Sadhvi Shri Dr. Kundan Rekha Ji, greeting & welcoming maskhaman tapaswi (people doing 1 month fast) & addressing the huge crowd.


All the tapaswis standing & accepting greetings as well as doing pratyakhana for the next day.


Associate Sadhvi Shri Shobhagya Yasha Ji, singing songs & giving speech.


The program was well managed & hosted by Host Journalist Shri Anil Kumar Jain.


Stage view.



A huge rally took place, a photo of rally of ladies, all ladies were in the uniform of mahila mandal (gan wesh).


Rally photo of gents, a huge support came out in the rally.


A rally of cars followed the foot walkers. All tapaswis were sitting inside the cars.

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