Tapa Gaccha

Posted: 06.07.2011
Updated on: 17.12.2012


Tapa Gacch, Tapā Gaccha

Tapa Gaccha

Tapa Gaccha is the largest and the most important of image-worshipping Shvetambara sects. In medieval times within Jainism a number of gacchas, sub-groups, grew among the Shvetambaras.

Tapa Gaccha was founded by Acharya Jagat Chandra Suri in Vikram Samvat 1285 (1228 AD). He was given the title of "Tapa" (i.e. the meditative one) by the ruler of Mewar. It was a branch of the Brihad gaccha founded by Udyotan Suri. Shri Vijayananda suri was responsible for reviving the wandering orders among the Svetambara monks. As a result of this reform, most Svetambara Jain monks today belong to the Tapa gachchha.


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