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Published: 01.09.2011

Short News in English

Day seven of Paryushan 2011 programme was celeberated as 'DHYAN DIWAS' (MEDITATION DAY) in pious presence of Sadhvi Kanakshri Ji at South Kolkata.

Sadhvi Kanakshri Ji spoke in detail about the 'Meditation -A modern technique of healthy life'. She said meditation helps eradicade tension and leads to purification of soul. The first step of meditation is concentration and the final out come is to come back in one's one self from the outer world. Preksha medication helps develop power of self contol.

Sadhvi Sri also produced the life of Lord Mahavira in his earlier births giving a glimpse of how the elements of pride and cruelty disturbs one's life for births innumerous times.

Sadhvi Madhulata Ji said that Preksha meditation is a great solution to the present day problem of physical, mental and emotional disturbances. She also involved the audience in a practical experiment of preksha meditation. A chorus song was also produced by the group of Sadhvis.

About 40 Tapaswi boys, girls, gents and ladies were present and all accepted vows for their contenance. Children doing fast for many days was a miracle and a way of encouragement for the elders. All the Tapaswi were honored by the South Kolkata Sabha by memento and Literature.

News in Hindi

Sushil Choraria
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