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Posted: 08.08.2011
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Terapanth Professional Forum Raipur

TPF Raipur organized a two hours group discussion on theme of “Energy and Work Efficiency” on 30th July 2011, on Saturday at 7:30 PM in the holy presence of Samani Jin Pragya ji.

The programme started with “Arhant Vandana”. Shri Surendra Kumar Choraria, the President, TPF, Raipur Branch welcomed the gathering and in his welcome address informed about the importance of the topic in the life of Professionals. There-after the dais was handed over to Smt. Ritu S Jain (Choraria), the Coordinator, TPF, Raipur Branch. She introduced the concept of Energy & Work Efficiency.

These days it’s quite common knowledge that our attitude and state of mind directly affects our physical state. Yet, many people are constantly worried, stressed out or simply bored and unhappy. Others are always busy thinking about how tired they are. Having such kind mind-set can only help to make we tired and unmotivated.


Samni Shri Jinpragya ji emphasized the relevance of the making the good use of our positive energy; we can become good and can remove the negativities from ourselves. Positive energy helps us to become a patienceful person and develop our inside cosine to react in any situation. We can think from the point of view if being on the other side of the situation. Efficiency includes all aspects like personal skills, knowledge, team members, experience, confidence, energy level, and enthusiasm and thought process. A person becomes more efficient, when more pressure is insisted on him. When pressure violates the limitation of efficiency, then he becomes disintegrated. Therefore to increase internal efficiency it is very essential to make an active para sympathetic Nervous System. This thereby makes a person self-strong.  Efficiency is related to Concentration, which again is related to the mind, and mind is connected with breath. In the lack of concentration, 20% of our Energy is utilized. 

Work which would have been done by two hours is elongated and is completed after 10 hours, nearly a difference of 8 hours happens due to lack of concentration. If a person is being found of company of experts, then naturally he also gains good experience. Experts do not rely on the words of others. Doctor Lopnov is of opinion that if a person utilizes 10% of his energy, then he can become one of the greatest men of the world. But that man should be totally confident about his energy otherwise he will not be successful in life. Exercise has a great impact on digestive system. Generally slow digestion leads to putting on weight. In that situation reduction in regular eating leads to obesity, so exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body.  Rise while rise, work while work, play while play, sleep while sleep, this keeps us healthy wise and gay. Punctuality keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.  Laziness is an enemy of a person. It is great obstacle to go ahead in life, avoid it and proceed further.  Discipline of body and mind on time helps in generating talent energy. If you open the windows of a closed house then the dirty air is replaced by fresh air. Brain is central house for knowledge. It has three windows - Curiosity, reading and thinking. If these three windows are locked, the new ideas and thoughts never appear. A person without curiosity is an animal. If a person depends only on nature, then he would never success to make his food, clothing and shelter and there would be no scientific inventions either. It is curiosity that has given way to all these new inventions like TV, phones, computers, Internet, etc., and it has taught the art of living also. The birth of science is indeed astonishing.  It happens due to curiosity.

She suggested few changes of mindset that we can apply, to increase our physical and mental energy.

  • Act Energetically!
  • Negative thinking is one of the most common ‘energy drainers’. We have to avoid it as much as we can.
  • ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. We can “train” ourself to think more positively.
  • At any situation, try to find the positive side.
  • Be grateful. Just look closely and realize how fortunate we are. Make a list of all the good things in life, and remind it every day.
  • Accept obstacles as part of life; see them as challenges, and failures and disappointments - as lessons. Learn from them and move on.
  • Having the right mindset is usually not enough to make us energetic. There are a few other factors that determine us energy level - mainly our sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

Mr. Rupesh Jain, Treasurer TPF, Raipur Branch concluded the meeting with vote of thanks.

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