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Posted: 31.07.2011
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Terapanth Professional Forum Raipur

Group Discussion on

“Combating Climate Change with Mahavir’s Principles”

TPF Raipur organized a two hours group discussion on theme of “Combating Climate Change with Mahavir’s Principles” on 16th July 2011, on Saturday at 8:00 PM in the holy presence of Samani Jin Pragya ji.

The programme started with “Arhant Vandana”. Mr. Surendra Kumar Choraria, the President, TPF, Raipur Branch has given the welcome speech. There-after the dais is handed over to Mrs. Ritu S Jain (Choraria), the Coordinator, TPF, Raipur Branch. She introduce the concept of Global Warming climate change Challenge its causes, its impact on humanity and the visible outcomes of climate changes.

She said that Global warming is the current burning issue which is talked about in almost each and every forum. It refers to the increase in average temperature of the environment over the period of time. According to the Inter Governmental Panel for Climate Change, IPCC’s Report the average Increase in temperature of the environment is observed at 0.740C + 0.180C and is expected to be 10C to 6.20C by the end of twenty first century.


The main cause of global warming is identified as GHG emission i.e. Green House Gases emissions. GHG refer to Co, Co2, H2O, So2 etc. Due to increase in GHG emission the Ozone Layer of the earth is depleting which is responsible for emitting the ultra violet rays coming from sun back to universe. The depletion of Ozone Layer means concentration of ultra violet rays within the earth’s atmosphere resulting in increase in average temperature. Mostly human activities are responsible for climate changes observed over the years such as change in Land Use Pattern due to increasing industrialization, excessive mining, cutting of trees, reduction in forest cover etc. All these are the outcomes of human interference with nature.


The visible impacts of global warming/climate change are increased instances of flood, Tsunami, Cyclone, Seasonal Variations, earth-quacks, volcano explosion, wide temperature difference, melting Glaciers, increasing sea levels etc.

Now the question is whether Lord Mahavir had ever thought of such scenario. Yes, according to his voice, this is “Kalchakra” which is divided into 12 segment (Aare) - six segments of Utsarpani Kaland six segments of Avsarpini Kal. We are in fifth stage of Avsarpini Kal i.e. Sukhma-Dukhma. According to Mahavir the sixth Aare of the Avsarpini Kal will be the worst Kal i.e. Dukhma-Dukhma. At that time there will be total loss of vegetation. The atmosphere would be too hot to bear. Nobody would afford to go out of home during day time.

In views of Gurudev Mahapragya, he felt that there is a Kal Udirana i.e. we are progressing to such state of atmosphere which should occur after 18000 years from now.

So can we face these challenges with Lord Mahavir’s Principles. Yes very well, Lord Mahavir’s Principals are very much relevant to combat the climate change challenges. The jain religion believes in Ahimsa, Aprigrah and Anekant. These are the principles which can control the losses we are making to the atmosphere. We jains believe in life in the Panch Tatva i.e. Agni, Vaayu, Jal, Prithavi and Pran “Live and Let the others live”.

We also recognise that for sustainable development at home, we would have to make every effort for conservation. If we do not do so today, our own future generations will have to pay the price. We would, however, have to safeguard our legitimate interests and concerns as environmental issues cannot be delinked from our quest to provide our peoples with the basic necessities of life and a better quality of life, within a reasonable time frame. We would hope that whole world would show due regard and sensitivity for our needs, concerns and developmental imperatives, so that the quest for protecting the climate and environment of the planet that we all share and inhabit will be a cooperative endeavour for the benefit and well-being of humankind as a whole.

Here are some of the simplest ways to slow down the system of global warming:-

  1. Start using recyclable products instead of disposables. By this you can reduce the waste which ultimately leads to global warming.

  2. The most efficient way to reduce the global warming is to suggest various measures for the energy conservation. If you are planning to buy a new car choose the one that offers the good gas mileage.

  3. Grow trees in and around your house to lower down the temperature of your house. Infact tree plantation is the best possible way to combat global warming. They absorb the carbon-di-oxide and gives off oxygen. They also absorb the harmful gases generated by the vehicles.

  4. When you have to cover the shorter distance prefer walking or biking, which saves gasoline and reduces pollution caused by the vehicles. As the main reason for the increase in the global warming is the gases emitted by the vehicles which have severely damage the ozone layer.

Mr. Jayant Bhura, Secretary TPF, Raipur Branch concluded the meeting with vote of thanks.

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