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Posted: 01.07.2011

Lalbhai Dalbatbhai Institute Of Indology


A Book Release Function was organized in L.D. Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad on 29th June 2011. Prof. V.K. Bhatt, Head, Sanskrit language, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad chaired the event.

On this occasion two books viz. Sankhyatmak Kosha (Gujarati) compiled by Muni Shri Mrugendravijayji and Rishidatta Charitra Sangraha (Sanskrit & Prakrit) edited and compiled by Sadhvi Shri Chandanbalashriji was released.

The program started with the Jain Hymns recited by Muni Shri Mrugendravijayji while Sadhvi Shri Chandanbala Maharaj presented prayer in honour of Goddess Saraswati. Director of the Institute, Dr. J.B. Shah introduced the Guests of Honour and welcomed all. On this occasion the author of Sankhyatmak Kosha, Muni Shri Mrugendravijayji appreciated the efforts of Shrut Ratnakar for printing such valuable books. He also described the hard-work performed by him for preparing Sankhyatmak Kosha. He has also appreciated and congratulated to Sadhviji for her dedication for studying the original texts in Sanskrit and Prakrit Language. He enforced the need of working on original manuscripts as this tradition is being lost at present. Mr. Babubhai Saremalji and Shri Amritbhai Patel appreciated the institute for publishing these two books and also expressed to see more books on this line.

The Chairman for this function Prof. V.K. Bhatt appreciated the works being carried out by the organization. Prof. Prashan Dave conducted the programme and Prof. Kanubhai Shah accorded the vote of thanks.

Book Review:

Sankhyatmak Kosha:

The present work of Sankhyatma Kosha is a dictionary of digits and their hidden internal explanations and meanings used in Indian Sanskrit and Prakrit Literature. The author has collected these words from traditions of Jain, Buddhist and Vedic in addition to folk without any religious boundary. References of such words are also given wherever available by the author.

The Author Rev Muni Mrugendravijayji has collected the words of digit one to one thousand and presented a new type of dictionary. He has also included zero, 18,000 Sheelangrath, 84 lacs jeeva yoni, naada, bindu chakra, kala etc. This book will be very useful to study the manuscripts in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apabhramsha, Magadhi, Gujarati, etc.

Sankhyatmak Kosha compiled by Pravartak Muni Mrugendravijayji, Published by Shrut Ratnakar, Ahmedabad, PP 108, Price: 100/-,


Rishidatta Charitra Sangraha:

The great Sati Rishidatta saved her Sheel (character) while facing the results of deeds of her previous births. Many stories were written about her life and character. The present Rishidatta Charitra Sangraha contains unpublished three manuscripts of (1) Risidattachariya by Munipati Gunapala (2) Rishidatta Charitra of unknown writer and (3) Rishidatta Charitra of unknown writer. This is a first attempt to compile and create transliterated version of these three unpublished stories from the Manuscripts. In addition three more famous stories are also printed in this book viz. Rishidatta Katha (from Vasudevahindi Madhya Khanda written by Dharmasena Gani.  
Rishidatta Charitra Sangraha, Editor, Sadhvi Chandanbala Shriji, Bhadrankar Prakashan, Ahmedabad, A.D. 2011, pp 80+362, Price: Rs. 400/=


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