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Posted: 08.06.2011

As An Ideal Writer Of Research Papers

Dr. Upadhye generally wrote in English only. Yet now and then, he has produced some research papers in Kannada. About 18 such papers have been published in the following journals, books etc. Among these one or two are the Kannada translations of his English original ones. Perhaps he thought that these papers should reach the Kannada scholars and others interested in them.

  1. Kannada Sahitya Patrike
  2. Prabuddha Karnataka
  3. Jivana
  4. As some chapters of the History of Kannada literature
  5. Mysore University Gazette

  From the points of view of the selected topics and rich contents, the following papers of Dr. Upadhye can be said to be important and ideal:

  • Dharmaparikse mattu Dhurtakhyana
  • Kavi Paramesvara athava Kavi Paramesthi
  • Kavi Rannana Kala, Sthana mattu Vyaktitva
  • Adipuranada Eradu Slokagalu
  • Pali mattu Prakrta
  • Padmanandi mattu Atana Krtigalu
  • Puspadanta mattu Atana Krtigalu
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