How To Enhance Our Inner Energy

Posted: 10.05.2011

Preksha Dhyan Magazine 2011-04

How To Enhance Our Inner Energy   

Once there was a rich man who wanted to build a place where people belonging to any community or religion could come and gain peace and knowledge. So he built a Hindu temple. After a few days he found that except the Hindus nobody else was there. He demolished the temple and built a mosque in its place. Then he realized that except Muslims no one else came there. He was not satisfied. Finally, after long deliberation he found a solution that a school is a better place as anybody could come there. People from any community or any status could come there, sit together, talk to each otherand gain knowledge.

There is no discrimination in a school. A school is a place where knowledge is worship.

School is an industry. There is only one difference between school and industry. Industry produces non-living things that are used to construct building and other things. On the other hand school supplies students who are living and are pillars for building a strong nation.

The future of the country depends on the students. If they want, they can change the world, pencil has a lot of significance. We can learn a lot from it in various ways. All of us have used a pencil at some point of time in our lives but have you ever thought what you can learn from a pencil? Human beings have infinite energy and infinite knowledge. From a pencil we can learn how to enhance this inner energy, in five simple steps.

The first step is that like a pencil dedicates itself to the person who uses it, in the same way we must dedicate ourselves to our parents and teachers so that we can learn from them and inherit their qualities. We should show dedication like Eklavya.

The second quality that we can gain from a pencil is tolerance. Like a pencil experiences painful sharpening and bears it, we too must have the willingness to tolerate. Tolerance is a quality very much needed in the society, in order to have harmony and understanding.

Once the ears and eyes were talking to each other. The eye said to the ear why is it that only you get to wear beautiful ornaments and not me? The ear replied saying that I need to tolerate painful piercing before wearing those ornaments. But you are so delicate that even if a small dust particle touches you, you cannot bear it and begin to cry From this we can learn that the one who knows how to tolerate, is the one who gains success in life. Tolerance is the fragrance of life. It is an ornament of human beings.

A waterfall crosses many hurdles before reaching its destination but even after passing through so many rocks it remains pure. In the same way we too will encounter many ups and downs on the way to our goals. But if we are tolerant then we will be able to cross all the hurdles and achieve our goals. One who is not tolerant, will end-up being like a rock that shatters when it falls. All great people have the quality of tolerance and that's why they gain respect and success. So if we too want to gain respect and success we must be ready to accept and tolerate.

The third quality that we can acquire from a pencil is to be able to correct mistakes that you might make. Any mistake made while writing with the pencil can be erased and corrected, in the same way we too must accept our mistake, learn from them and correct oneselves.

Making a mistake is not a big deal but after making a mistake one who doesn't accept There is a saying that one who doesn't make mistakes is God, the one who makes mistakes, accepts them and corrects them is a human being and the one who makes mistakes, ignores and denies them is known as devil. A person who doesn't accept his mistake can never come up in life.

The fourth point about a pencil is that even though its external appearance might be very attractive, if the lead is not good then the pencil is of no use. In the same way the most important part of you will always be what's inside. It is not your physical appearance but your inner qualities that matter. In inner quality what you need to recognize and enhance is not only your intelligence but also your character.

It is a fact that the human brain has remarkable energy. There are at least 50 billion neurons in a human brain. A typical neuron in the cortex may make over 10,000 connections with other cells and total number of synapses in the brain is probably in the order of at least ten billions We can activate our neurons through yoga, pranayam etc. Now a days we come across a lot of ways, in which we can enhance our intelligence, improve our physical fitness and make our external appearance more attractive:

  • Enhances mental abilities
  • Improves imagination power
  • Imparts good decision-making power


  • Radical transformation in the attitude and behaviour
  • Rectification of negative instincts with thepositiveones
  • Attainmentofhappiness
  • Cool temperament


  • Inculcates spiritual doctrines in the subconscious mind
  • Converts materialistic outlook into the spiritual one
  • Realizes the truth


  • In brief, contemplation can be practiced to change deep-rooted habits and addictions including drinking, smoking, stealing and lying.

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