Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant

Posted: 08.04.2011
Updated on: 09.12.2011

Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant, Japan

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Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant

a nuclear power plant located on a 1,730,000 m2 (432 acres) site in Onagawa in the Oshika District and Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

It is managed by the Tohoku Electric Power Company.

On March 13, 2011, levels of radiation on site reached 21μSv/hour, a level at which Tohoku Electric Power Company were mandated to declare state of emergency, and they did so at 12:50, declaring the lowest-level such state. Within 10 minutes the level had dropped to 10μSv/hour. The Japanese authorities assume the temporarily heightened values were due to radiation from the Fukushima I nuclear accidents and not from the plant itself. On March 13 20:45 UTC, the IAEA announced that radiation levels at the Onagawa plant had returned to normal background levels.

The three units remain in cold shutdown since the earthquake of 11 March. Two hundred people who lost their homes to the tsunami took refuge in the plant.[9] The April 7th aftershock damaged 2 of the 3 external power lines to the plant but cooling was maintained through the third line.

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