Gyanshala at JVB Orlando on Sunday ►10.04.2011 ►2:55pm

Posted: 08.04.2011

Samani Bhavit Pragya ji


Samani Vishad Pragya ji

  • This Sunday, April 10 is your Gyanshala sharp at 2:55 pm.

Have you practiced your role for Akshay Tritiya Play? Your role has been sent out to you by email by Naina Teacher.

There will be a practice for Akshay Tritiya Program for all students of all levels under auspicious guidance of Samni Vishad Pragyaji and Teachers. Please ensure you are on time for Gyanshala (2:55 PM).

  • Encourage Friends and Relatives to join JVB Gyanshala.

  • Upcomig Events:

    May 07 - Akshay Tritiya - JVB Annual Celebrations
    May 22 - Gyanshala Annual Exams. Are you prepared?


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