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Terapanth Professional Forum Kolkata

Report On 5th Monthly Meet Of Terapanth Professional Forum (TPF) - Kolkata Branch On 29th January 2011 At Mahasabha Bhavan, Kolkata

The 5th Monthly Meet of TPF Kolkata Branch was held on 29th January 2011 at the Bhikshu Granthagar, Mahasabha Bhavan, Kolkata with participation of nearly 42 Terapanthi Professionals from various professional fields.

The key topic of the Meet was “Heart Attack and Sudden Death” and was delivered by the eminent Cardiologist and Diabetologist Dr. B L Binaykia and eminent Gynaecologist Dr. Jaya Dugar.

In his Key Note address, Dr. B L Binaykia with the help of power point presentation elaborately explained the functioning of human heart, types of blockage in the heart, its causes and remedies. With practical examples from day to day life, he easily explained some of the hard to understand medical terms and facts. His presentation of various causes of Heart blockages and their remedies was well received by the august gathering. He gave stress on simple and spiritual living by following the tenets   of ‘Jain Jiwan Shailey’- life style in Jain way and apply ‘Preksha Meditation’ and ‘Science of Living’  in daily life  to avoid Heart attacks and to live long, healthy & purposeful life life.

Dr. Jaya Dugar presented her insightful deliberation on Heart related problems in women especially pregnant ladies. She explained in detail various complicacies that can arise in a pregnant lady. She gave stress on proper medical check-ups in advance and physical and mental care during the pregnancy stage.

The Meet began with the holy chanting of Namaskar Mahamantra by Shri Prakash Baid, National Vice President (East) in chorus with all the participants.

Shri Sushil Choraria, National Jt. Secretary anchored the Meet. In his address he requested all the Terapanthi professionals to attend such Meets on regular basis for mutual benefits of all and the Dharma Sangh.

Shri Prakash Chand Maloo, Kolkata Branch President welcomed guests and other participants and briefed about the objectives of such meets, various subjects selected for the past meets and the reason for selecting such a serious subject for today’s meet. He urged all the participants to become members of the forum and bring more memberships along with them.

Shri Bhanwar Lal Singhi, General Secretary, Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Mahasabha was also present to grace the occasion. In his address, he commended the role of Terapanth Professional Forum in the service of Dharma Sangha and urged all the participants to come forward to participate in various activities of Mahasabha.  

After both the deliberations, the house was open for question-answer session, which was very effectively handled by both the guest speakers. At the end vote of thanks was delivered by Shri Vikram Chandalia, secretary of Kolkata branch. Shri Dilip Maroti, Shri Hemant Kothari, Ms. Yogina Kochar, Ms Harsha Kothari, Shri Pravesh Maloo and Shri Piyush Binaykia had very active role in making the Meet a success.

The meet was well received by all the participants who urged on having such topics in the future meets also. The Meet ended with a very positive note from the participants about their involvement in future activities of the Forum.



Sushil Kumar Jain (Choraria) anchoring the Programme on - 'Heart Attack And Sudden Death - Causes and Remedies' - at Bhikshu Granthagar, Mahasabha Bhawan, Kolkata 0n 29.01.2011


Guest speakers on the dias along with TPF president and national VP


From L to R - Sri Prakash Chand Maloo, Sri Prakash Chand Baid, Dr. Babu Lal Binayakia, Dr. Smt. Jaya Dugar and Sri Bhanwarlal Singhi at Bhikshu Granthagar


TPF Kolkata president Sri Prakash Chand Maloo with his welcome speech

Sushil Choraria
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