Jain Agam Literature

Posted: 11.10.2010
Updated on: 24.01.2012


Jaina Canon

The canonical scriptures of Śvetāmbara Jains are called Āgama or Siddhānta.

According to different classifications the canon is composed of 45 to 50 texts which divide into five categories:

  1. Aṅga
  2. Uvaṅga (Sanskrit: Upāṅga)
  3. Paiṇṇa (Sanskrit: Prakīrṇa)
  4. Cheyasutta (Sanskrit: Chedasūtra)
  5. Mūlasutta (Sanskrit: Mūlasūtra)

The main section are the 12 Aṅga ("limbs") in which each Aṅga is associated with an Uvaṅga (Sanskrit: Upāṅga). The 12th Aṅga (Diṭṭhivāya) is presumably incomplete since it contains the fragmentary bequeathed teachings of Mahāvīra which were originally composed of 14 Puvvas ("ancient, primal" [text]).

The canon is usually not recognized by the Digambara Jains.



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