Posted: 02.03.2012
By Signe Kirde
Penser, dire et représenter l'animal dans le monde indien. Textes réunis par Nalini Balbir et Georges-Jean Pinault. Paris : Honoré Champion, 2009. (Bibliothèque de l'École des Hautes Études, Sciences Historiques et Philologiques , No. 345). 927 pp. , Ill. ISBN 978-2-7453-1903-6. EUR 140,00. The voluminous compilation Penser, dire et représenter l'animal dans le monde indien assembles twenty-nine...
Posted: 05.12.2011
Die Reise zum Ursprung Der Berg Shatrunjaya bei Palitana im indischen Bundesstaat Gujarat gehört zu den eindrucksvollsten Pilgerstätten Indiens. Das Heiligtum ist das bedeutendste sakrale Zentrum des nordindischen Jainismus und zieht Jahr für Jahr gewaltige Pilgerströme aus dem In- und Ausland an. Nur zu Fuß kann die einzigartige Tem- pelstadt auf dem Gipfel des heiligen Berges erreicht werden. Seit...
Posted: 20.10.2011
About: Covers the history of Jainism that spans a period of more than 2,500 years. The history, values, concepts and scriptures, eminent mendicant and lay leaders and scholars, places, institutions, and social and cultural factors are covered in over 600 dictionary entries. This comprehensive reference work also includes an introductory essay, explanation of the Jain scriptures, chronology, appendices,...
Posted: 16.10.2011
Table of Contents: Preface Abbreviations Pithika Bibliography Glossary Quotations About: Prakrit text in Roman + English translation, commentary and notes This is a masterpiece from Professor Willem Bollée. In this excellent translation, Bollée brings to light the "Vyavahara Bhasya", a Jain explanatory work dealing with monastic jurisprudence and code of discipline. The edition is richly annotated and...
Posted: 13.01.2011
Vividha Tīrthakalpa "Guide to Various Pilgrimage Places" Text in Sanskrit and Prakrit, Edition notes in Hindi. As the name of this book indicates, this unique work is compiled in the form of a directory of famous Jain pilgrimage centres of that period. The author of this 13th century work was Āchārya Jinaprabh Sūri, a prominent scholar and influential Āchārya. He was highly esteemed by the then rulers of...
Posted: 11.01.2011
Essays in Honour of Prof. Hampa Nagarajaiah Foreword We are all delighted to present this volume of essays to Prof. Hampa Nagarajaiah alias “Haṃpanā”, a star of learning and culture, a bright, lively and enthusiastic personality whose contribution to Karnatak culture and the Jain traditions are so numerous and valuable. Who would not be impressed by his list of publications and the wealth of...
Posted: 30.10.2010
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
International Journal of Jaina Studies (Online) Vol. 6, No. 3 (2010) 1-4 Abstract The article is a review of Adelheid Mette’s second, substantially enlarged, edition of her work on the doctrine of the Jains, Durch Entsagung zum Heil (1991), on the basis of German translations from the main texts and commentaries. PDF, Review of Die Erlösungslehre der Jainas Adelheid Mette. Die Erlösungslehre...
Posted: 05.12.2008
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
Users of this indispensible manual for the study of laypeople’s conduct in the Jain communities, actually of their whole religious striving (yoga) − a book into which much work has gone indeed − may miss an index of words, especially terms with good English translations, in view of the fact that to Monier Williams in 1899 many Digambara texts were unavailable. Therefore it is hoped that the one below will...
Posted: 13.11.2008
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
International Journal of Jaina Studies (Online) Vol. 4, No. 3 (2008) 1-53 Glossary of Robert Williams, Jaina Yoga
Posted: 24.04.2008
Parshvacaritram: The Life Of Parshva Sanskrit text + English translation Sanskrit text by Acarya Gunabhadra Critically edited with an English translation By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée Pandit Nathuram Premi Research Series Volume 26 First Edition 2008, 260 x 195 mm 46 pp Paperback Rs. 60 Published by: HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY 9 Hirabaug C P Tank Mumbai 400 004 INDIA Tel. +91 (0)22 2382 6739, 2035 6659 Email:...
Posted: 13.07.2007
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
International Journal of Jaina Studies (Online) Vol. 3, No. 1 (2007) 1-25 Subject Index Of The Inventory Of The Stories In N. Balbir's Āvaśyaka Studien
Posted: 30.04.2007
A member of The Royal family will be launching the three volume Jain Manuscript Catalogue of The British Library collection at Buckingham Palace on 15th May. This catalogue has taken just over fifteen years to become a reality from when the idea to create one was conceived. Apart from the enormity of the task, the Institute had to overcome several problems. First one was the untimely death of Prof Chandrabhal...
Posted: 13.07.2006
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
International Journal of Jaina Studies (Online) Vol. 2, No. 1 (2006) 1-3
Posted: 29.06.2006
By Manish Modi
Jaina Studies: Their Present State And Future Tasks (English) By Professor Dr Ludwig Alsdorf Pandit Nathuram Premi Research Series Volume 1 English Tr. by Bal Patil Revised & Edited by Professor Dr Willem Bollée

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