Posted: 19.04.2016
By Dr. Peter Flügel
Depiction of the council of Valabhī in the memorial temple Valabhīpura Tīrtha, 2010. Photo: Peter Flügel Śvetāmbara Jaina mendicants peregrinate in small groups from village to village without much contact with other members of their own order. Gatherings for special purposes or general assemblies are held only sporadically, when matters of common concern are to be resolved. An exception is the...
Posted: 10.02.2016
By Dr. Peter Flügel
Historical Sources on the Loṅkāgaccha- and Sthānakavāsī-Traditions in Johannes Klatt's Jaina-Onomasticon Johannes Klatt, Jaina Onomasticon. Berlin 1893 (Manuscript Bound in Eight Volumes. Hamburg, Institut für Indologie und Tibetologie) In the absence of extensive archaeological evidence, monastic chronologies and hagiographies, inscriptions and the information in the colophons of handwritten or printed...
Posted: 23.02.2010
By Bal Patil
At the outset I extend my grateful thanks to the very kind invitation extended by Dr.Andrea Luithle-Hardenberg and her very concerned efforts to persuade me to attend this distinguished International Tuebingen Workshop on a very important topic The Jaina and the British. However owing to my physical disability I would not be able to make the trip to the University of Tuebingen to participate in this important...
Posted: 21.04.2004
By Bal Patil
Paper Read In Conference on Religions in Indic Civilisation New Delhi December 18 -21, 2003 Organised by Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in collaboration with International Association for the History of Religions and India International Centre, New Delhi

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