Posted: 20.02.2014
By Dr. Robert J. Del Bonta
When illustrating the lives of the Jinas, it is typical to use examples from the Svetāmbara Kalpasūtra, and many paintings from manuscripts of it have been published over the years. One might get the impression that this text is the only one to recount the lives of the Jinas, but there are actually many such texts in a variety of languages that tell the stories of these tales in much greater detail. The...
Posted: 22.12.2010
By Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
Previously published in: VANAMĀLĀ Festschrift A.J. Gail - serta adalberto joanni gail LXV. diem natalem celebranti ab amicis collegis discipulis dedicata. Eds. Gerd J.R. Mevissen & Klaus Bruhn. Berlin: Weidler Buchverlag, 2006, pp. 28-36. 11 Further Observations on Western Indian Miniatures Considering the limited number of Jainas through the ages, the amount of Jaina literature is unusual; it defies all...
Posted: 20.12.2010
By Prof. Dr. Phyllis Granoff
10 Illustrating the Bhaktāmara Stotra The University of Michigan Museum of Art has in its collection 18 folios of an unidentified Jain manuscript assigned to the 18th century and to Sirohi. Two more folios of the same manuscript are in the Los Angeles County Museum and are also unidentified. Photographs of the folios are available on the museum websites, and one of the folios in Los Angeles is published by...

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