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Posted: 25.12.2010

Visa Oshwal Community Nairobi

Om Shree Munisuvrat Swami Ne Namh:

Jain Convention To Be Held in Nairobi, Kenya

From Friday 4th February 2011 To Sunday 6th February 2011

Mukti Yatra



A Jain convention will be held in Nairobi from Friday: 4th February 2011 to Sunday: 6th February 2011.

We wish to invite all Jains from both East Africa and the rest of the world to participate in huge numbers to grace this Jain Convention on the above mentioned dates.

In this Mukti Yatra Jain Convention renowned Orators, Thinkers and Philosophers in Jainism will mesmerize you with their oratory and other knowledgeable skills. There will be various cultural programmes to entertain everyone, coupled with enchanting music, Jainism Rangoli and an Art & Crafts Exhibition.

A detailed schedule of the itinerary along with registration forms will be sent in due course to everyone.

"LET US ALL MAKE THIS A HAPPY AND JOYOUS OCCASION" by setting aside time in our daily schedule to attend the Jain Convention on the above mentioned dates.

Jai Munisuvrat Swami.


Mukesh S. Chandaria
Hon. Secretary

Chairman: Mr. P.K. Chandaria

mukti yatra.pdf

Convention flyer

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