Acharya Mahashraman in Newspapers 14.-19.12.2010

Posted: 22.12.2010
Updated on: 09.06.2015

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Udramsar, 14.12.2010

Dainik Bhaskar

left to right:

  1. The message of morality, vihar (the journey ahead) of Mahasharmana
  2. Murli Manohar (Joshi) reaches land of sand dunes
  3. The journey path ahead

Palana, 15.12.2010

Dainik Bhaskar


Left - Guruvandana in Palana

Top Right - Following vows is very important

Bottom Right - Member of Parliament & Local Head (sarpanch) seeks blessings

Deshnok, 16.12.2010

Top Heading - Discipline is the 2nd name of development in life

Bottom Right - Today's stay at Rasisar

Rasisar, 17.12.2010

Bikaner Patrika

- Avoid "Jeev" violenece in agriculture


Rasisar, 17.12.2010

Dainik Bhaskar

Framers should avoid violence

Bhamatsar, 18.12.2010

Dainik Bhaskar

- Deciples need to be humble

Nokha Gaon, 19.12.2010

- Humbleness - a need for success

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