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Posted: 07.12.2010
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Mahendra Muni (disciple of Jain Acharya Shri Mahashraman) in conference with HH Dalai Lama and other scientists

Mind and Life XXII Conference

His Holiness the 14th

Dalai Lama

19 - 21  November 2010, New Delhi, India


Theme: Contemplative Science: The Scientific Investigation of the Effects of Contemplative Practices on Human Biology and Behavior.


Mind & Life XXII Conference

Event Description: 

The Mind & Life Conference is organized by the Mind & Life Institute whose mission is to help foster dialogue and collaborative research between modern science and contemplative spirituality. Meetings between western neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers and the H.H. Dalai Lama.

Muni Shri Ajit Kumar & Muni Shri Abhijeet Kumar.

Zaveri family in Delhi conference

From L to R: Mrs. Mayuri Arun Zaveri, Mahendra Muni, Amrapali Jyotindra Zaveri, Arun Jethalal Zaveri.

Arun Zaveri

Mind & Life institute

Mahendra Muni in Mind & Life XXII Conference

  • During the ‘pre-meeting,’ one point was made clear and was readily accepted by all.  The goal of this conference is not to ‘validate’ this or that religion; the true aim is to explore these traditions, to see where conversations with modern science might lead. 


Mahendra Muni meeting with HH Dalai Lama 

 Jain Muni meeting HH Dalai Lama 

This video clip shows HH Dalai Lama appreciation of the presentation of Jain muni Mahendra Kumar along with Arun Jethalal Zaveri.




Abstract of the proceedings:

The Effect of the Jain System of Preksha Meditation on Human Brain Proved Scientifically

  • Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar, the renowned Jain saint scientifically explained the effect of Preksha Meditation on human brain and proved that it was effective in bringing about the desirable change in the behaviour through bio-chemical transformation responsible for destructive emotions. He was speaking in the five-days “International Conference on Contemplative Sciences” organized here at India Habitat Centre by Mind and Life Institute, U. S. A., headed by Dalai Lama. There was a dialogue between eminent scientists from all over the world and the meditation practitioners of the Jain, Buddhist, Vedanta and Yoga philosophy. Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar who is a versatile scholar of many branches of knowledge including modern sciences and ancient philosophies, in his presentation, consistently showed how human consciousness at the subtlest level effected the grosser phenomena taking place in the brain. He explained that the Jain contemplative practices like perception of psychic colours at the psychic centres, co-related with the endocrine glands and the limbic system, could bring about the inhibition of the destructive passions like anger, hate etc., and result in total self-transmutation. He also gave in brief the archaeological and historical evidence in favour of the Jain practices, together with its complete metaphysical basis.

  • Mr. Arun Zaveri, an expert exponent and practitioner of Preksha Meditation System, made the power point presentation depicting the exact neuro-scientific changes. A complete account of the recent success stories on empirical basis was also given. It proved the efficacy of the Jain practices by curing more than 20000 heart patients suffering from coronary heart disease by reversing the risk factors, under strict vigilance of Dr. S. C. Manchanda, the former Head & Professor of Cardiac Department of AIIMS, New Delhi.

  • The scientific researchers also corroborated the effect of Preksha Meditation in the field of education, where through empirical evidence involving measurement through Electro-encephalogram, Electro-cardiogram, Electro-myogram etc., it was shown that the overall development of the physical, intellectual, mental and emotional aspects had taken place. In the same way, it was proved successful in the sociological and psychological fields, solving the problems of intoxicants, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, crimes etc..

  • It was claimed that a successful experiment was carried out in the Naxalite areas of Bihar and Jharkhand by bringing about a non-violent socio-economic revolution through training in non-violence based on the Jain practices, coupled with proper training in self-employment techniques.

  • Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar appealed to the participant-scientists to collaborate with the researches working at the Jain Vishva Bharati University at Ladnun (Rajasthan) to show the pragmatic values of the applications of the Preksha Meditation, Science of Living, Training in non-violence etc., in mitigating the problems in the fields of Health, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Socio-economic etc., and ultimately get success in overcoming violence, aggressiveness, cruelty, deceitfulness, selfishness etc., and establishing a world order based on permanent peace.

  • The participants included Dalai Lama, Dr. Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. John Dunne, Emory University, Dr. Daniel Goleman, Psychologist, Author, Dr. P N Tondon, President, National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, India, Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, MP Rajya Sabha, Former Secretary, Department of Arts, Ministry of HRD.  Dalai Lama himself very much appreciated the work done in the field of Jain contemplative practices and was highly impressed by Munishri’s presentation.



  • In his presentation during the first session of the Mind and Life dialogue, His Holiness the Dalai Lama dismissed the notion that science is a killer of religion adding Indian philosophical traditions including the Nalanda tradition of Buddhism emphasize the importance of investigation and reasoning in understanding the nature of reality. Such an approach like modern science requires one to be skeptical and adopt investigation to gain awareness or understanding of what benefits human beings in the long-term perspectives. “There’s no concept of right or wrong,” he said, “Investigate the reality and there’s no danger to religion.”  His Holiness said until now science has focused more attention on understanding the external things or outer realities in contrast to eastern traditions which have been around for centuries studying and investigating internal things. He said there needs to be a closer coordination among scientists and contemplative practitioners so science will become more complete by carrying out more research work on internal phenomena.

  • Dr. Richard Davidson, Director of Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at University of Wisconsin-Madison, in his presentation of scientific findings on the nature of contemplative practices reported benefits of compassion on brain for long-term practitioners including increase in mindfulness and attention.

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About the organizers Mind and Life International

Mind and Life International is a registered, tax-exempted association based in Zurich, Switzerland. Its mission is to expand the Mind & Life initiatives outside of the USA. It’s purpose is to support and facilitate the dialogue between different branches of science such as neuroscience, medicine, psychology, philosophy and the contemplative traditions of the world. With these initiatives, research in the above fields is encouraged and facilitated.



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