Jain Engineers Meet (JEM-2011), Bangalore

Posted: 06.12.2010
Updated on: 21.11.2011

Jain Engineers Society

Jai Jinendra;

'Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah' meaning 'one who protects Dharma in turn gets protected by it'. Jainism preaches universal brotherhood. 'Jeevo aur Jeene Do' is Jains' main motto. Jainism not only preaches 'Ahimsa' with living beings, but also with the whole of universe itself. Now a day, the word 'Sustainable Development' is widely in circulation; since, for the very survival of mankind on this planet, every man needs to take less from his surrounding nature/environment so that he dumps back less waste into it. Jainism has stated this thousands of years ago as 'Aparigraha'.

To discuss the above theme from engineering point of view, it is proposed to hold 'Jain Engineers Meet' in last week of Jan 2011 under the holy guidance of His Holiness 108 Shri Gyananasagarji Maharaja at Bangalore. Munishriji is working hard to bring together all jain intellectuals so that, all Jains get united, practice Jainism in their day today life and become role models for others to follow.

The main objective to hold this 'Jain Engineers Meet (JEM-2011)' is to bring awareness among all the practicing engineers about the importance of Jainism and vegetarianism in the present day professional scenario and also to motivate the engineers to spread the values of jain principles by adopting them in our day to day life so that others get inspired by us, follows them and help to bring peace in the society and in turn in the whole world.

The time span available for the above task is very short. We request the entire fellow - engineers to kindly send their proposals/ideas, suggestions, 'slogan' email-Ids etc about the meet so that it becomes a successful event.

Jai Jinendra.

Dr. Sanatkumar

Your reply/response may please be mailed to Jain.Engineers.Meet(at)gmail.com as the earliest.

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