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Published: 13.01.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015 Vividha Tīrthakalpa

"Guide to Various Pilgrimage Places" Text in Sanskrit and Prakrit, Edition notes in Hindi.


As the name of this book indicates, this unique work is compiled in the form of a directory of famous Jain pilgrimage centres of that period. The author of this 13th century work was Āchārya Jinaprabh Sūri, a prominent scholar and influential Āchārya. He was highly esteemed by the then rulers of India, Muhammad Shah Tughlak. Probably he was the first Jain Āchārya to impress the Muslim ruler with the importance of the Jain religion. Wandering is an essential part of a Jain ascetic’s life, but this book clearly indicates that the author had a special interest in history and historical places. That appears to the reason that during his pilgrimages he compiled the related historical and geographical information and brought it together in the brief style of a directory. The scholarly editor of the series believes that there is no parallel work in Indian Literature, let alone in Jain literature. We hope that the reader, especially the researchers, will find it beneficial.

Devendraraj Mehta
Founder and Chief Patron
Prakrit Bharati Academy


Jinaprabha Suri

Language: Sanskrit
Publisher: Siṅġhī Jaina Jñānapīṭha
Edition: 1st Edition 1934
Series: Siṅghī Jaina granthamālā - granthāṅka 10
Editor: Jina Vijaya
Edition Notes: Text in Sanskrit and Prakrit; Introduction in Hindi.
Reprint 2010: Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur, India
Read online: Vividha Tīrthakalpa
Bookshop: Vividha Tīrthakalpa
Pages: XXXII + 128


23,5 x 27,9 x 1,5



French Edition:


Vividhatīrthakalpaḥ: regards sur le lieu saint Jaina / traduction et commentaire, Christine Chojnacki


Jinaprabha *~ 1300*


Chojnacki, Christine


Pondichéry: Institut Français de Pondichéry, Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient, 1995


25 cm


Publications du Département d'Indologie; 85

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