Mangal Paath

Published: 22.10.2010
Updated: 17.01.2012
Mangal Paatha, Mangal Path, Mangal Patha, Mangala Patha, Mangalpaath, Manglik

Arahantā mangalam,
Siddhā mangalam,
Sāhoo mangalam,
Kevali-pannatto dhammo mangalam.

The Arhats are auspicious,
the Siddhas are auspicious,
the Sādhus are auspicious,
and the Jain Dharma is auspicious.

Arahantā loguttamā,
Siddhā loguttamā,
Sāhoo loguttamā,
Kevali-pannatto dhammo loguttamo.

The Arhats are supreme,
the Siddhas are supreme,
the Sādhus are supreme,
and the Jain Dharma is supreme.
Arahante saranam pavajjāmi,
Siddhe saranam pavajjāmi,
Sāhoo saranam pavajjāmi,
Kevali-pannattam dhammam saranam pavajjāmi.
I take refuge in the Arhats,
I take refuge in the Siddhas,
I take refuge in the Sādhus,
and I take refuge in the Jain Dharma.


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