A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets: 4.4 Impressions Of Notable Personalities - Maurice Gwyer

Published: 20.09.2010

A letter received from Sir Maurice Gwyer, Ex-Chief Justice of India, at present Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University, by Mr. Chogmal Chopra, President of Sri Jain Swetam­bar Terapanthi Sabha.

My dear Sir,

I enclose herewith a short note on the Bombay Beggars Bill, dealing with the matters which we have been discussing at our recent interview. I hope that you may find it of some assistance in the talks, which I understand you are going to have with the legislative authorities.

I was very glad to make the acquaintance of Sadhu Swamiji Sri Kanmalji Maharaj and to have had so long talk with him, even though it had to be conducted through interpreters. His cheerfulness and contentment notwith­standing the austerities of his way of life, made a great im­pression on me; and he seemed to be one of those persons who, in a difficult world, had been completely successful in achieving an inner peace and harmony. If all his Sadhu and Sadhwi colleagues are of the same type, your commu­nity is to be congratulated and even think, envied.

I hope and believe that the Beggars Bill, even if it were passed in its present form, would never be used as an ins­trument of oppression by any Governmental or police autho­rity. I do appreciate, however, that it might conceivably be used by unworthy persons who might desire to harass those with whom they differ on religious issues, and I can therefore understand your desire to have some special pro­tected provisions inserted in it. I have indicated what in my opinion might be a suitable addition to the Bill for this pur­pose and, if you should wish to do so, you are entirely at liberty to refer to the discussions, which I have had with you. Believe me, with many thanks for your kindness and courtesy.

10th December, 1945 
Yours sincerely
                                             MAURICE GWYER

5th Edition, 1946
Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta, India

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