eJain News Flash 2010-09

Published: 13.09.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015


eJain News Flash

WELCOME to the Second issue of the eJain NewsFlash!

Thank you very much for the warm response to the first issue of eJain NewsFlash, we published on June 15th. We are happy to bring you another issue that provides timely news briefs of interest to the North American Jain community. We hope you find this issue equally interesting as the first one.

We would like to remind you about the current split format of eJain Digest after the introduction of NewsFlash: eJain Newsflash would bring timely news briefs, while eJain Digest would be a topic driven magazine involving articles of interest with the goal of getting more community participation with both contributions and comments.

It is time for us to once again seek your assistance and participation for our next eJain Digest issue that will be based on the theme of Namo loe savva sahunam - i.e. paying respect to the Acharyas, Upadhyays and Sadhus. (with an emphasis on Acharyas). We want to hear from the community about your personal experiences with Acharyas or Sadhu/Sadhvis. Some suggestions would be:

  1. Experience of youth who went to India and met an Acharya/Sadhu/Sadhvi
  2. Your life changing experience resulting from coming in touch with or being impressed by an Acharya/Sadhu/Sadhvi
  3. Experiences of persons who interacts a with a lot of Acharyas/Sadhus/Sadhvis

Listed below are some questions to help the would-be writers. These are suggestions and the writers can use these as guideline, but the write-up does not have to be limited to these areas:

  1. How did you come about getting to know the Acharya - circumstances under which you met them or what motivated you to meet the Acharya in the first place?
  2. What qualities of an Acharya impressed you or gave you the 'spiritual' feeling; what made you get close to them; or what specific questions or doubts did they resolve
  3. How long and /or how often have you been in contact? Is it an ongoing conversation - or was it a one-time event?
  4. How has it changed your life?

We also welcome your comments and suggestions to provide information that is relevant and useful to you. Please contact us at jaindigest.info[at]gmail.com.

(eJain Digest Editorial Team: Chetan V Sanghvi, Deepika Dalal, Dilip Parekh, Heena Nandu, Reena Shah, Rupal Doshi, Shami Shah, Vimal Shah)

From The President

Jai Jinendra!

With Paryushan around the corner, I hope all of you will take advantage of good aradhana and make it a fulfilling experience for you and your family members. In trying to represent over 100,000 Jains and while working with 67 Jain Centers, I might have hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, hence I seek forgiveness from each of you - Michchami Dukaddam!.

During these last few months I had the opportunity to visit many Sanghs in North America. I consider it a privilege to have met so many of you at various centers. I was really touched by the welcome I received from all the Jains across North America. Some of the Jain Centers that I visited are: Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers.

Ashtapad pratishtha in New York was a unique event and I would request everyone to try and visit the Ashtapad replica mandir. I consider myself lucky that I could participate in Pratishtha at Cleveland, 35th Anniversary Celebrations ofDetroit Jain Sangh and 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Milpitas Temple.

I visited the Las Vegas Sarvadharma Temple which had Hindu and Jain Murtis. It is a beautiful Temple located on a hill, about 15 miles from the strip. I also met many members of Phoenix Jain Sangh. Phoenix Jain Temple is a large project for a comparatively small Jain community. The sangh needs help and all of us should help them in any way we can.

The three day visit to YJA convention was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. I met people from all over the world and made some good connections with them. I would request all parents to help YJA by making generous donations to the fund and offer themselves as volunteers for different services.

eJain NewsFlash is an effort by eJain Digest team and please feel free to send your comments to them at jaindigest.info[at]gmail.com

With Warmest Regards

Lata Champsee, President, JAINA, http://www.jaina.org

Upcoming Events

Conference in Pomona, California on November 12 to 14, 2010 

International Conference on nonviolence - Ahimsa and Sustainability

Ahimsa Center at Cal Poly Pomona will address the theme of sustainability in its fourth international conference on nonviolence. The conference will feature wide-ranging scholarships and experiences to illuminate the relationship between ahimsa (nonviolence) and sustainability from multiple perspectives. For more information visit www.csupomona.edu/ahimsacenter


JAINA Shikharjee Yatra - January 18 to February 3, 2011

The Pilgrimage Committee of JAINA is organizing YATRA to Shree Samet Shikarjee and nearby Teerths. The Maha Teerth Yatra will encompass eastern PANCHTEERTHI and include 3 Pahad Yatras (Shikharjee, Rajgir and Lachhwad). The Yatra will start from Calcutta on January 18, 2011 and end in Benaras on February 3. In addition to Shree Shikharjee, visit to following places will also be made: Rujuvalika, Rajgir, Veerayatan, Pawapuri, Lachhwad, Kundalpur, Guniyaji, Nalanda, Bodhi Gaya, Sinhpuri, Bhelupur, Bhadaini and Benaras.


JAINA Convention 2011

JAINA executives have decided to hold 2011 Convention in Houston, TX. Please provide your feedback on what you would like to see in the next convention.


Recent Events

Shraddhanjali to Swamiji Devendrakeerti Bhattarakji Maharaaj

A group of people assembled on Friday 7/15/10 to offer Shraddhanjali to Swami Devendrakeertiji Maharaaj on behalf of Scholars Program and Jain community of North America in the presence of Samaniji Ashwini Prajnaaji. Manak Muniji Maharaaj and Sadhviji Shubhamji also called in. Similar gathering was also held at Siddhachalam, New Jersey and Jain Center of America, New York.


Sixth ISSJS 2010 - An Amazing and extraordinary experience

Sixth ISSJS 2010 was the biggest, most diverse and multi group ISSJS. The four groups, each consisting of 13 to 19 participants were organized separately except for a week when the three groups in India were together in Delhi. Each and every participant of ISSJS 2010 attended their classes regularly from the beginning till the end enthusiastically and actively participated in discussions and learning process.


Arhat Touch - A New Age Pathshala

Arhat Touch is a new age Pathshala designed to spark the interest of youngsters in the exceptional and enduring principles of Jainism propounded by our revered Tirthankar Bhagwans.

A grand inauguration ceremony of the Arhat Touch program was held in New Jersey on July 3rd, 2010. The event was graced by Pujyashri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri. The inauguration was held during the spiritual retreat "Eternal Bliss: Here and Now". Numerous dignitaries were present for the inauguration.

Arhat Touch, a New Age Pathshala, aims to revive interest and participation in the Jain religious traditions and promote a deeper and more meaningful insight into Jain philosophy. The four year curriculum for the children age 9 to 12 is taught in a fun, joyful, and interactive way. Pathshala sessions are conducted in a contemporary setting, using modern technology, audio-visual aids, interactive games, PowerPoint presentations etc. The curriculum includes Philosophy, Rituals, Mythology, and Self Development.

The inaugurated centers are in Fort Lee (NJ), Princeton (NJ), Long Island (NY), and Philadelphia (PA). Further information and contact details are available at www.arhattouch.org



35th Anniversary of Jain Society of Greater Detroit

JAINA President Lataben Champsee and husband Motibhai Champsee received a warm welcome from the Jain Society of Greater Detroit (www.jain-temple.org) in their June 25-26 visit to inaugurate a poster exhibition commemorating the Society’s 35th Anniversary. In her address to the gathering, Lataben commended the Detroit Jain community for maintaining its cohesiveness all these years, and setting an example of Jain unity. The exhibit was organized by Arvindbhai Shah, one of the society’s founders/leaders, who displayed unique memorabilia, literature and photographs he has collected over the years. The event was attended by over 100 society members, including members of the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, JAINA Directors and Pathshala teachers.

Lataben also addressed a gathering of over 250 members on the evening of June 26, sharing a brief PowerPoint presentation on "What JAINA Stands for in North America.” She complimented the Detroit society’s founders for firmly rooting Jain heritage in Michigan, and for setting the vision of the Detroit Jain temple. This unique temple building with over 10,000 sq ft in the main hall is nearly 12 years old, and is regarded as a Detroit area landmark. In the last 35 years, the Jain community of Detroit grew in membership from about 25 founding families in 1975 to nearly 550 families in 2010, and expanded its outreach by partnering with many interfaith organizations including the Lighthouse Center (www.lighthousecenterinc.org)

The following photographs illustrate highlights of the JAINA President’s visit to Detroit.

Lataben and Motibhai Champsee viewing the 35th Anniversary poster exhibit on June 25, 2010 with Detroit Jain society leaders Arvind Shah, Bipin Shah (BOT Chair) and Rajiv Shah (EC President).

YJA Convention 2010: A Grand Success

Cherry Hill Jain Sangh (CHJS) sponsored the 9th Biennial YJA Convention from July 2-5 at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ. The theme of this convention was, 'Inspire. Connect. Do the Jain Thing.'

710 attendees from ages 14-29, 100 volunteers and 60 guest speakers made this convention a visual and spiritual spectacle. The combination of thought-provoking daytime sessions, magical social events, sumptuous Jain food and marvelous decorations brought YJA convention to a new level. Keynote speakers were Parag Mehta, Michael Tobias, and Dr. Vinod Shah. Attendees got an opportunity to do networking with people from around the world. They also learnt many different aspects of Jain dharma and left the convention with a greater understanding of how Jainism played a role in their daily lives.

The success of this convention was the result of joint efforts of a lot of people. Parent volunteers spent each waking moment of the day ensuring that every detail of the convention was tended to, from the hospitality suite to speaker transport. In addition, attendees from near and far took an active role in sharing their Jain values with inspired youth from around the world. Finally, all the speakers and programming leaders played an active role in putting up the daytime sessions and participating in social events such as the Regional Talent Battle.

Cherry Hill Jain Sangh’s support to the YJA convention cannot be forgotten. In October 2009, no one had even visualized a YJA Convention of this magnitude. However, in October, CHJS EC/BOT had the foresight to understand that YJA could add a new dimension to the community and that YJA could meet the ambitious goals it set out to reach. Also, CHJS contributed by hosting many convention planning meetings between October and April and two Aangi fundraisers. Moreover, the CHJS community was very supportive of the fundraising garba in April and fundraising in general. The generous efforts of YJA deserve a special mention.

During the period of convention preparation, YJA made a number of permanent connections with Jain youth from around the world. YJA is truly dependent on the support and participation of all Jain youth and our respective incredible Jain sanghs. It needs all Jain youth to come to all local YJA events and parents to support YJA in a multitude of ways including financial donations and volunteer support, but most importantly, their kids' involvement with YJA. Conversely, Jain temples across the country need YJA to help connect their youth with youth across the world including Boston, Los Angeles and London, UK.

The location for the YJA Convention 2012 has still to be decided. Regardless, YJA hopes for as much support as was given by the entire Jain community during YJA Convention 2010. YJA is truly thankful for all of the support that it received. Without it, YJA Convention 2010 would not have been the game-changing convention it set out to be. The YJA Executive Board hopes to see its members at upcoming YJA events including its Fall Camping Trip in Northern New Jersey - October 9-11 (more details to come)

Eleventh Annual Young Jain Professionals Convention

After taking a break for the past couple of years, the eleventh Young Jain Professionals convention was held from June 4 -7, 2010 on a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. The purpose of this convention was to bring everyone together and discuss various issues that affect us as young Jain professionals, but in a setting that would be enjoyable and different from the usual conventions. In some ways, this convention was reminiscent of the second YJP convention twelve years ago. This event attracted Jains from all over North America in their 20’s to 40's, both single and married.

This year’s theme, "Live and Help Live”, aimed to awaken the proactive and creative spirit within all participants and challenged everyone to take a step beyond "Live and Help Live”.

The convention began Friday evening with an opening speech by the Co-chairs and an introduction of the board members. The board members announced some of the initiatives that YJP had been undertaking. These initiatives include: trying to get the Healthy Meals Act passed, which aims to promote vegan lunches in schools, fundraising for the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, which acquires text books for underprivileged children in India, and find volunteers for Jain Camp for Kids in Ontario. Participants were then given note cards and were asked to write down at least one social issue that was important to them. These were then collected to use in a later session. Afterwards, the group broke into icebreaker activities that allowed them to learn unique and interesting facts about each other.

Premal Shah, the founder of Kiva, gave the keynote address, "Big Change, Small Ideas” on Saturday morning. In his address, Premal explained how disconnected we were from each other in the society and that we generally didn’t take actions to help those whom we felt disconnected from. He further added that small actions could make a big impact in the lives (of those disconnected) around us. He went on to introduce his non-profit organization, Kiva, which partners with existing microfinance institutions around the world to collect and disburse interest free loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. He explained that Kiva keeps a list of loan requests on their website, kiva.org, which people can browse and then choose whom they want to make a loan to. After explaining the whole procedure and sharing some of the outcomes of this process, the audience were then motivated to find some way to make a difference in the lives of others. YJP offered a $1000 grant to Kiva.

After this, as participants were about to disembark to Nassau, they were informed of the cruelties behind coral, pearls, and shells, materials used in jewelry and other decorative items commonly sold in tropical islands. Participants learned that coral comes from tiny animals called coral polyps, and when they are mined, a multitude of sea creatures are killed. Pearls are produced by making an incision into the oyster’s soft body and putting some gravel inside, out of which only ten percent of the oysters survived long enough to produce a pearl. Further, out of these ten percent, only forty percent of the pearls produced were marketable. Thus, each and every pearl represented hundreds of thousands of oysters being opened up and discarded. Shells are not typically gathered from beaches after they have already been washed ashore. Instead, animals called mollusks are dredged from the ocean bed and boiled alive for their shells. Learning this information, participants decided to avoid purchasing such items while ashore.

While at Nassau, some participants engaged in activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Others enjoyed exploring the island by scooter, strolling through shops, or just relaxing. The same evening, upon their return aboard, participants enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and got a chance to engage in the recreational activities that the ship had to offer, including swimming and dancing, as well as further getting to know each other.

The next morning began with an excursion to the private island of Great Stirrup Cay. Participants got a chance to cool off in the ocean and enjoy a lunch time feast, provided by the cruise line. Some even tried out parasailing for the first time and had a wonderful experience. That same evening a group photo session was arranged on board. This was followed by a brainstorming session on "How to Effect Change”. The issues that participants had identified on the first night as important to them were grouped into the following categories: environment, women and children, healthy food, animal rights, mentoring, and helping the elderly. Each category became the subject of a brainstorming group. Participants were given the chance to choose a group to join, where they could brainstorm possible tasks that YJP could do to effect change in that particular area. This was then carried over into dinner. During dinner, each group identified a plan of action that they would later implement, and shared this plan with the other participants.

The Women and Children’s group, led by Suchita Gala and Sejal Lakhani, planned to organize a database of resources, including NGOs that are available to support women and children issues, and provide a link to this database on the JAINA website. The Healthy Food group, led by Bela Shah, decided to increase awareness in Jain Centers about the legislation of the Healthy Meals Act in order to increase support for it and encourage the Jain community to call their representatives in support of the bill. The Animal Rights group, led by Sheel Mohnot agreed to introduce vegetarianism to their co-workers by taking their meals to work and talking about it. The Mentoring group, led by Vineet Jain, planned to research other existing mentoring programs, so they could develop one for JAINA, and would be taking a survey of YJA members to gauge the level of interest and find out what they would like to see in a mentoring program. The Helping the Elderly group, led by Vaibhav Ajmera, decided to teach a computer training class at the next JAINA Convention to the older generation of Jains.

At the end of dinner, participants were given complimentary copies of books from the JAINA Education Committee. This was followed by some social time. Participants enjoyed playing games, swimming, and spending time together during the night.

The group parted with a strong feeling of closeness and friendship on Monday morning after their return to Miami. Participants also left the convention with dynamic connections and practical strategies for accomplishing the wonderful ideas that they had been pondering but had not yet had the opportunity to transform into reality. Many expressed eagerness for the next Young Jain Professionals convention.


Jain Education and Research Foundation donates books on Jainism to Florida International University

It was only last April that the Bhagwan Mahavir Endowed Professorship of Jain Studies was inaugurated in the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami with a generous gift from the Jain community. Prof. Nathan Katz, the first, Bhagwan Mahavir Endowed Professor, has been busy all summer planning and incorporating Jainism courses in the university curriculum. He has also been preparing academic material on Jainism to be incorporated in major religious studies textbooks and arranging for the annual Bhagwan Mahavir lecture at the Florida International University.

In a recent ceremony jointly organized by the Jain Center of South Florida (JCSF) and the Jain Education and Research Foundation (JERF) on Aug 15 at the Jain temple in Weston in South Florida, JERF made a gift of books (on Jain philosophy) to the Florida International University library. This was also an occasion where Prof Katz, was introduced to the local Jain community.

The FIU team was represented by Prof Nathan Katz, Mr. Robert Callahan, Asst Dean of College of Arts and Sciences and by Ms Ana Mendoza, Associate Dean of the Libraries of the Florida International University. The event was graced by Samani Chaitanya Prajna, Samani Charitra Prajna, Samani Prasanna Prajna, Samani Unnata Prajna and Mumukshu Sheetal. Dr Kirti jain, Director of JERF came down from Kentucky and attended the ceremony.

The meeting started with a discourse on the twelve vows (Vratas) of Paryushan and on the significance of Daan (donation) by Samani Chaitanya Prajna followed by Jain bhajan by Smt. Akruti Jain and Shri Praveen Jain. The visitors from FIU were greeted in the traditional Indian way with tilak by Smt. Bhavna Shah, Smt. Geeta Shah, Smt. Geetika Bafna and Smt. Jeevanprabha Mehta. After a brief introductory remark by Shri Sapan Bafna, President JERF, the guests from FIU were introduced by Prof Neptune Srimal, Vice President, JERF. Samani Charitra Prajna briefly talked about the background of the creation of the endowed professorship.

More than 50 books on Jainism in English were presented to the Florida International Library where these books will be catalogued and put into the general circulation for use by student, faculty and research scholars. Shri Jayant Shah, President, JCSF, Smt. Deepika Dalal, Regional Vice President of Jaina, Shri Kirti Jain, Director JERF, Shri Rajiv Jain, Director, JERF, Shri Binesh Shah and other luminaries of the local Jain community took part in presenting the books to Ana Mendoza, Associate Dean of FIU libraries.

Prof Nathan Katz, in his speech, spoke about the importance and influence of Jain values and ethics in the modern world. He highlighted the fact that one cannot get an understanding of Indian history, culture and of Indian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism without a deep knowledge of Jain religion and history. He underscored that the BMEP is the first endowed professorship of Jainism outside India and outlined his vision for making FIU an advanced center of Jain studies in the western world.

The meeting concluded with Arati and a communal lunch hosted by the local Jain community.

Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth - Ratna Mandir Pratishtha Mahotsava


FM_3331-1_1Preparation started a year ago when Adhar Abhishek of 24 Tirthankar idols (Shri Chouvisi) was performed at Mumbai on April 25, 2009 under the guidance of Pujya Ganivarya Naypadmasagarji Maharasaheb. 11 Jain Sangh of Mumbai took part in Abhishek. 603 Varsi Tap Tapasvis took part in Ishru Ras Prakshal of Shri Adinath pratimaji prior to parna.

Shri Ashtapad Mountain sculptured from 59 pieces of crystal blocks each weighing 50 to 750 lbs along with the steel frame weighing 1 ton was imported from Jaipur, India. This was installed in the conservatory on 4th floor of the temple. It was a herculean task to get the frame up to the 4th floor and arrange the blocks on the frame. Installation ceremonies were performed on June 21, 2009.

Pratishtha Ceremonies of 24 idols and the story carvings all carved out of gem stones were performed from June 10-21, 2010. Ceremonies began with Kumbh Sthapan on June10 followed by the opening ceremony on June 11. A procession (Varghoda) of over 2500 people did the nagar pravesh of 24 idols and story carvings on June 12. A Chariot (Rath) was specially manufactured and imported for this occasion from India. These idols, which were to be installed on the Ashtapad Mountain behind a glass, were exhibited in the cellar - art gallery -- for the visitors to do darshan..


Ashtapad Pooja by Shri Deep Vijayji Maharaj was performed on June 13. Lectures by many Gurujis were held during the whole period along with their blessings. Many cultural events and daily bhawanas were organized during this period. More than 100 people participated in the Adhar Abhishek of 24 idols and story carvings including Ashtapad Mountain on June 19.

Finally, main Pratishtha ceremonies were performed on June 20. Whole sangh, many Gurujis, guests and lucky draw winners from overseas attended it. Adhar Abhishek and Pratishtha ceremonies were broadcast live all over the world. Dwar opening was done on June 21, followed by a lecture on Ashtapad in the evening to conclude the 12 day ceremonial function.


Jain Center of Northern California - 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the Jain Bhawan

A joyous and eventful 10th Anniversary celebration of the Jain Bhawan was held in Milpitas, California from August 5 through 8, 2010. The celebration brought together a host of Jain religious leaders, scholars, followers and dignitaries who participated in a comprehensive series of events focusing on the theme: Non-Violence, Peace & Harmony. The cumulative reach of these events was impressive, with more than twenty speakers for a total non-overlapping audience of approximately three thousand people.

The event was kicked off with a Procession along the South Main Street with over 300 community members, religious Leaders, leaders from other faiths, local officials both from Milpitas and Santa Clara County. Immediately after the procession, JCNC inaugurated the newly installed Samvosaran at the hands of Jain Monks Shri Bhattarakji Charukeerthi, Muni Roop Chandraji Maharaj, Samaniji Akshay Pragyaji, Samaniji Vinay Pragyaji, and Dr. (Pandit) Kumud Chand Jain.

Shri Manoj Haran (Vidhikar) along with Dr. (Pandit) Kumud Chand Jain performed the various Jain pujas and prayers during the five day event. The key highlight of the religious ceremony was the Bhaktamar Pujan that was done jointly by both Digamber and Swetamber tradition.

There were about 10 other sessions running parallel to the main ceremony, like: covering community service, creatively leveraging the internet to help others, "World Peace Diet”, animal rights, inter-faith understanding and conflict resolution, among other topics.

A veritable group of eclectic speakers included Dr. Dipak Jain (former Dean of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University), Dr Will Tuttle (an award-winning American author, speaker, educator, pianist and composer), Nipun Mehta (founder of CharityFocus.org), Dr. Gary Francione (a legal scholar) who shared their ideas and engaged in thoughtful discussions.

The informative and thought-provoking sessions of 10th anniversary were rounded out by entertaining and fun events, such as a major Raas-Garba event led by the popular Soli Kapadia Group from Mumbai and an international multi-cultural program with performances of JCNC Navrang Garba, JCNC Taal, Japanese Taiko, Xpressions, Filipino Kaisahan, and Chinese Yao Yong. During this five day event there was also an exhibition on Jainism as well as the thirty plus years’ history of the Jain Center of Northern California from its modest beginnings in the early 1970’s.

At the conclusion of the ceremonies, Prem Jain, Chairman of the 10th Anniversary Programs’ Committee, commented, "while the 10th Anniversary events were joyous and memorable, the next ten years will be challenging”. He added, "One of the major concerns for the next ten years and beyond is maintaining the Jain heritage within the younger generations. We all want to follow a Jain lifestyle and we want to preserve that culture while inviting others to live a Jain way of life. Our purpose, however, is not to convert, but to share the philosophies and principles of Jainism with those not familiar with the religion.” Mr. Jain continued, "One of the main goals, going forward will be to continue to share Jain values in a respectful manner; evolve the practices of Jainism; expand awareness; and strengthen our organization. For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing yoga, vegetarianism, meditation and environmentalism. Now this movement is happening here in the west and we want to be able to participate in and lead that movement.”

Jain Calendar

September 2010

Sept 2

Shravan Vad 8 Janmashtami

Sept 4

Shravan Vad 11 Paryushan Begins (Shvetamber Murtipujak)

Sept 5

Shravan Vad 12 Paryushan Begins (Shvetamber Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi)

Sept 7

Shravan Vad 14

Sept 8

Shravan Vad 15 Amavasya

Sept 11

Bhadrapad Sud 4 Samvatsari (Shvetamber Murtipujak), Ganesh Chaturthi

Sept 12

Bhadrapad Sud 5 Samvatsari (Shvetamber Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi)
Das Lakshana Begins

Sept 15

Bhadrapad Sud 8

Sept 22

Bhadrapad Sud 14

Sept 23

Bhadrapad Sud 15 Poonam Das Lakshana Ends

October 2010

Oct 1

Bhadrapad Vad 8

Oct 2

Bhadrapad Vad 9 Mahatma Gandhi Birthday

Oct 6

Bhadrapad Vad 14

Oct 7

Bhadrapad Vad 15 Amavasya

Oct 8

Aso Sud 1 Navaratri Begins

Oct 14

Aso Sud 7 Ayambil Oli Begins

Oct 15

Aso Sud 8 Shital Nath, Suvidhi Nath Moksh Kalyanak, Durgashtami

Oct 17

Aso Sud 10 Vijay Dashiki

Oct 21
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 30

Aso Sud 14
Aso Sud 15 Sharad Purnima
Aso Sud 15 Ayambil Oli Ends
Aso Vad 8

November 2010

Nov 3

Aso Vad 12 Vagh Baras

Nov 4

Aso Vad 13 Dhan Teras, Kali Chaudas

Nov 5

Aso Vad 14 Diwali, Mahavir Nirvana

Nov 7

Kartik Sud 1 New Year 2067, Mahavir Samvat 2537

Nov 10

Kartik Sud 5 Gyan Panchami

Nov 14
Nov 20
Nov 21
Nov 29

Kartik Sud 8 Neharu Jayanti
Kartik Sud 14
Kartik Sud 15 Dev Diwali, Chaturmas Ends
Kartik Vad 8


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F01430210: Gujarati parents invite proposals from well-educated, vegetarian professional boys for their pretty, fair, intelligent US born daughter. Born July 1981. 5’ 3”, 125 lbs, B.A. (Psych), M. Edu, well employed as a program director. Phone: 817-795-4392. Email: pshah439[at]hotmail.com.

F01440210: Jain parents invite proposals from handsome, well educated, vegetarian boys with photo and bio-data for their beautiful, slim, intelligent, vegetarian Canada born daughter. Born Jan 1981, 5’ 5’’. Working as a clinical researcher in Canada. Email: lilt12481[at]yahoo.com

F01450210: Gujarati Jain family invites alliance for their very beautiful, tall, slim, fair, compassionate, vegetarian daughter. Born 1977, 5’ 8", post graduate, visiting US briefly, from well educated, well employed, vegetarian boys. Call 443-928-5778/ Email: mbmehta999[at]gmail.com

F01460210: Gujarati Jain parents seeking alliance for their daughter, finance professional in US on H1B visa, MBA from US, Nov 81, born & raised in India (Mumbai), 5’2”, smart, witty, beautiful, attractive, slim, compassionate, cultured & vegetarian. Proposals invited from US based, well-educated, professional, cultured young men. Please contact with recent photo/bio-data. Email: pjshahfamily[at]gmail.com. Ph: 9122240111888, 919870026360, 919870244454.

F01470210: Gujarati Jain sister invites proposals for US citizen sister, born in 1972, 5' 3", never married, living in NJ. Phone: 919-786-1377 or email: gujjunc[at]yahoo.com

F01480210: Gujarati parents invite correspondence for their US raised, cultured daughter, 36/5"1, fair complexion. Working as a Product Manager at a Bio Tech company. Seeking educated, well cultured boy based in US. Response w/photo. Email: ph_matrimonial[at]yahoo.com

F01490210: Gujarati family from Mumbai invites proposals, of educated professional Jain boys with photo and bio data, for their compassionate and family oriented daughter/sister born Nov 1984, currently in US. She finished her MBA in May 2010. Call: 703-328-4701 or email: rushabh.shah[at]gmail.com (Brother)

F01500210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposal from well educated professional boys for pretty Indian born US educated Dentist daughter having completed all her US Dentistry requirements, born Nov. 1982, 5'-4". Call 585-217-9734/201-699-8291/91 99 3056 7651 or e-mail rachnav[at]gmail.com / nainavora[at]gmail.com

F01510210: Singapore/Malaysia based well settled parents invite proposals for sweet, attractive and accomplished Aug 1984, 5'6", M. Sc in Economics daughter, currently working as a Business Associate for a British MNC in Singapore, from cultured, down to earth, vegetarian, highly educated professional boys. Please send details with picture to kk84sing[at]gmail.com or contact +6-016-9045-361/ +6-019-3135-741

F01520210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals from professionals for their fair, slim, never married, beautiful, vegetarian, physician daughter, born in Nov 77, 5’ 4”, 105 lbs raised in India. Please send bio-data and a photo. Email: gujmat[at]yahoo.com

F01530210: Rajasthani Shwetamber parents invite proposals with bio-data and photo for their beautiful, Dec.86 born, 5’ 7” pleasing personality, caring, Management Consultant daughter. Born in India and brought up in Europe. Looking for non-smoking, non- drinking- vegetarian professionals settled abroad. Email: riyafr[at]gmail.com

F01540210: Kutchhi Jain parents invite proposals for their 27 yr old, 5’0” daughter. She is a production professional working at home and looking for work. She is sweet and fun loving, easy to get along with and values family. Enjoys going to the gym, sports and music. If interested, contact her at nishadedhia[at]gmail.com

F01550210: Hindi speaking parents invite alliance with photo and bio-data from highly educated, well employed, vegetarian Jain cultured family for their good-looking, slim, very fair, well-talented, vegetarian, family-oriented, and US born daughter. Born January 1985, 5'3," BBA (Accounting), Masters of Accountancy (Tax), CPA, employed in Georgia in a Big 4 Accounting firm. Call 770-476-5115. Email: microsoftoutlookemails[at]gmail.com

F01560210: Correspondence invited for an outgoing, slim, attractive, Gujarati Jain US born girl, 5’6”, April 1983, with BS in Chemical Engineering and MBA from an Ivy League University employed as a management consultant in Chicago, IL. Looking for a well-educated, Jain, vegetarian boy. Please send inquiries to: jdinquiries[at]gmail.com

F01570210: Beautiful, family-oriented, mix values of east and west, outgoing daughter born in Bombay, though raised & living in US since 1994. Born 1979, slim, 5’ 3”. Currently living with parents in New Jersey, working in New York and preferably looking for a boy living in or around New Jersey area. Call 201-854-6448. Email: gems0129[at]yahoo.com

F01580210: Gujarati Jain parents invite matrimonial proposals for their beautiful, vegetarian, Canadian citizen daughter; born in Mumbai, Feb 84, 5' 4", 130 lb, CPA, manager in a major bank. Preference for well-educated cultured, vegetarian boys. Email:ktg10[at]hotmail.com Phone: 416-497-6478.

F01590210: Gujarati parents invite correspondence with bio-data and a photo for their smart, well-educated, good nature, cultured dentist daughter. Working in Mumbai. Born 1986. 5’ 4”. Call: 011-91-22-24320638/011-91-22-30406908/011-91-9820183301. Email:mayurgardi[at]gmail.com

MIS Ads - Male

M00800209: Hindi parents invite proposals with a photo and bio-data for their US born vegetarian son. Born 1981, non-smoker, non-drinker. Working with an international company. Email: papaa555[at]yahoo.com

M00930210: Invite proposals from cultured, educated, vegetarian girls with bio-data and a photo for their handsome, brilliant, cultured, Vegetarian, born Nov. 19, 1982, 5'8", BS in Computer Science, well employed US Citizen son. Call: 704-302-1008 or padamajmera[at]yahoo.com

M00940210: Gujarati Jain Parents invite correspondence for alliance for their son, 6' 0", 185 lbs, US Citizen, born March 1978, BBA, MS, MBA working as a IT Consultant in Finance field. Call (301)379-8327 Email: nshah20[at]aol.com

M00950210: Gujarati Jain well known family invites proposals with bio-data/photo for US citizen, handsome, tall son, Aug 84, 6’1”, 180 lbs, EE from a reputed school, employed with a fortune 50 company from highly cultured, educated girls. Contact: (718)926-1566, bkmj827[at]gmail.com

M00960210: Jain Parents invite alliance from the US for their son July 81 Born, fair, 5.11', 154 lbs,(permanent resident) Vegetarian with a charming personality. He holds a bachelors degree in business management and involved with successful a equity venture. We seek like minded families with good balance of lifestyle and values. You can reach us at 832 314 5374 or parulparekh17[at]gmail.com.

M00970210: Jain parents invite proposals for handsome, accomplished and vegetarian son. Born Nov 1976, 5’ 11”, 154lb, MS (comp. Sc.), US permanent resident, executive at High Tech with handsome salary, entrepreneur. Divorced in previous marriage which lasted only few months. Seeking well-educated, professional and vegetarian girl from US or India, Please email with bio-data and photo to prernajain[at]mailcity.com or Call 512-775-2715.

M00980210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for their handsome, well cultured, vegetarian, U.S. Citizen son, born January 1982, 5'9”, 160 lbs, BSEE, MSCE, well employed with a fortune 200 company from cultured, educated, family oriented and vegetarian girls. Please respond with bio-data and recent picture. Email: dpmhta[at]gmail.com Call: 408-569-4731.

M00990210: Alliance invited for handsome talented vegetarian Gujarati boy, born Dec 81, 5'10", 145 lb, B.E (IT), Software Engineer, Well Employed, On H1 visa, from cultured educated vegetarian Gujarati girls. Email: rupen81[at]yahoo.com

M01000210: Gujarati parents invite alliance from cultured educated pretty girls for very handsome fair brilliant successful vegetarian US born son, July 80, 5'10", 168 lb. B.S.(Honors) in Finance, having Diamond business based in Chicago. Call: 312-961-0749 email on shobhnakamdar[at]gmail.com

M01010210: Gujarati parents invite alliance from cultured educated girls for handsome, fair, brilliant, successful vegetarian son, born Feb 83, 5'8", 178 lb, BE (IT), MS (Finance), working as a Financial Developer in a reputed co. in New York. Call: 530/903-2015. sanghvi.gaurav[at]gmail.com.

M01020210: Jain Gujarati parents invite proposals for handsome & accomplished 38-year old divorcee son; MS & MBA; Vegetarian, Non-drinker & Non-smoker; US Citizen settled in USA since last 12+ years - Bio-data & Photos welcome from cultured educated girls: Call 973-652-1225 or E-mail at navkar78[at]gmail.com

M01030210: Gujarati Jain Parents invite Alliance with photo and bio-data from beautiful attractive fair slim vegetarian cultured Educated girls for their very handsome fair talented vegetarian family oriented US born & raised Son. Born Aug 1984 6'1" 165lb. BA from NYU (Economics & Mathematics)well employed in NYC. Call 732 946 7945 Veena.dagli[at]gmail.com

M01040210: Gujarati Jain parents invite proposals for Nov 1981, US born, handsome, caring son 5’ 11” 170 lbs, MS & BS Construction Management. Well employed in construction firm in Chicago. Seeking vegetarian, teetotaler, family oriented, pretty girls. Call 630-961-1689. Email: RVD1181[at]gmail.com

M01050210: Gujarati parents invite alliance from cultured educated pretty girls for very handsome fair, brilliant, successful, vegetarian, US born son, July 80, 5'9", 150 lb. Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Marketing and Finance Double Major, M.A. Now having a diamond business based in Chicago. Call: 312-861-0737. Email: gemeraldsinc[at]gmail.com

M01060210: Alliance invited for handsome, talented, vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker Gujarati boy, born Feb 85, 5'7", 130 lb, MS (EE), working with Intel, from cultured educated vegetarian beautiful Gujarati girls. Call: 213 369 0404. Email: hemalisutaria[at]yahoo.com

M01070210: North Indian parents invite proposals for their US born son. Born in 1981. High family values, vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker. Graduated from UC Berkeley/USC with Masters in Engineering and working towards second Masters in Systems Engineering from Cornell. Currently holding a responsible position at a major Silicon Valley company for the last five years. Email: cajain456[at]gmail.com

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