Visit Of Samani Vikas Pragya Ji And Samani Rohit Pragya Ji To Indonesia

Posted: 02.09.2010

Visit Of Samani Vikas Pragya Ji And Samani Rohit Pragya Ji To Indonesia

From 6th August To 3rd September 2010

We, the Jain community of Indonesia are very grateful to Acarya Mahapragya who started allowing Samaniji’s to travel to Indonesia every year. This year we were graced by the presence of two well educated Samanis, Vikas Pragya ji and Rohit Pragya ji. They joyfully shared their knowledge of Jain Philosophy and gave talks on various subjects of common interests for Jains and Non Jains alike.

They taught us many simple activities, which ranged from activating friendship to anger management to positive thinking to realizing our karmas. Vikas Pragya ji also sang beautiful Bhajans that delighted the congregation. They asked excellent questions that helped us grow in our own understanding and left us curious to seek further self reflection. They travelled to Purwakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. Samanijis were invited to Indorama International school.

They taught exercises to increase concentration and memory power. Finally they had a retreat for the Jains in Puncak, hills near Jakarta. There they especially addressed the needs and benefits of doing short, simple practical spiritual exercises and led us in Preksha Meditation. They spoke about benefits of mantras and specially the significance  of Navkar Mahamantra. They also conducted a session for children and taught them about healthy lifestyle. Participants learnt about Pranayam and Mantra chanting from Samanijis.

All these programs were enjoyed by children, youth and adults alike. We are most indebted to Samani Vikas Pragya ji and Samani Rohit Pragya ji for their generosity of spirit and their valuable time that they most willingly spent with groups and individuals.

- report by Rimi Kochar

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