A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets ► 02 Discipline And Order ► 02.3.5 Maryadas Mahotsav Or Annual Gathering

Posted: 02.09.2010

Maryadas Mahotsav Or Annual Gathering

On Magh Sudi 7th of every Samvat year, all the Sadhus and sadhwis, who are physically fit (excepting such as are specially posted to certain localities for preaching purposes), come round from different places, where they had passed the previous rainy season, to meet the Acharya Maharaj. Every Sadhu and Sadhwi has on arrival to render a detailed account of his or her work done during the stay abroad, and they have to make over all the books, papers, receptacles, and things to the Acharyya. Usually on this occasion a majority of the Sadhus and Sadhwis meet together and lay followers from different parts of the country also come round to pay their respects to them and there is the biggest assem­blage of the year on the occasion. Thi§ is known as Maryada Mahotsav. It is on this occasion that the Acharyya fixes the places, where particular Sadhus are to pass next rainy season and those Sadhus then commence their journey to the different distant places, allotted to them. Every thing is arranged and managed so systematically that one cannot but admire their discipline.

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