A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets: 02.3.2 Five Samitis or Rules of Conduct

Published: 01.09.2010

Five Samitis or Rules of Conduct:

  1. Irya Samiti or careful walking. A Sadhu while walking or moving from one place to another must examine the way in his front up to the length of his own body in order to save himself from the sin of hurting or killing any sentient being.

  2. Bhasa samiti or control of speech. A Sadhu must be cautious and careful while speaking and must not hurt the feelings of any one by his speech.

  3. Eshana samiti or careful observation of articles of food and drink. A Sadhu must, before accepting water or food, enquire about the object of its preparation and must be satisfied that the same was not procured or prepared for a Sadhu.

  4. A dan Bhandmat Nikshepan samiti or to take care in placing or taking away articles of use. Sadhu must take proper care in placing and removing his articles, so that no injury is caused thereby to any living being

  5. Parithawania samit or taking care to dispose of unused water or urine and other excretion. A Sadhu while throwing away water or urine etc., must carefully examine the place where such things are thrown away, in order that by his acts no living beings are hurt or injured.


5th Edition, 1946
Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta, India

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