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Published: 25.08.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015


SCVP continues to grow from strength to strength. Both children and adult classes are flourishing with emphasis on teaching Jainism in a practical and modern way.
The greatest achievement for the past year has been the active participation and motivation which both children and adults attending SCVP have shown resulting in:

  1. School fete, instigated by the compassion of the children to the earthquake disasters in Haiti and Chile, raising £2,600 for educating children in these countries. The fete also made children aware of the need to be entrepreneurial in their efforts to raise money - the youngest class sold homemade cakes and commented afterwards how hard it was to raise even a small amount of money!
  2. On 20th June 2010, children of SCVP held an assembly to demonstrate to Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj and invited guests and parents the important Jain values and philosophy they had been learning at the school for the past year. Children performed various prayers and sketches, including an acting of Trishala Mata’s 14 Dreams, a skit on the importance of humility and a vision of how society could end up if Jain values are not practised by all. Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj praised the vitality and energy which the children showed in their performances.
  3. An afternoon shibir on ‘The roadmap to the journey within’ allowed over 100 participants an opportunity to reflect upon issues of concern to them. Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj spoke about 4 essentials to ‘sadhna’ - faith, responsibility for one’s actions, positivity and understanding the concept ‘I am not the doer’. After this, many questions were discussed in small groups and through a sharing of different views and perspectives people were able to gain valuable insights.
  4. Veerayatan UK and SCVP organised a series of four public lectures by Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj on the Uttaradhyan Sutra. This sutra contains the last discourse of Mahavir Bhagwan. The beautiful words of this sutra are truly magical as they were true at the time when Mahavir Bhagwan was alive, they have been true subsequently for the last 2,000 or so years and they remain true today. The lectures were a truly engrossing mixture of explanation (in Gujarati and English) of the text, a power-point presentation on the translations of the text and musical accompaniment. Over 200 people attended each lecture.
  5. Veerayatan UK and SCVP together with The Oshwal Pharmacists conducted a 10km sponsored walk starting at the Jain Derasar in Potters Bar. Over 200 people participated in the walk and collected over £4,000 in funds towards the education of underprivileged children in India and towards the running of SCVP. There were many children, as young as 5 years old, amongst the walkers and everyone successfully completed the walk within 2 to 3 hours. Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj participated in the walk and, after the well deserved lunch, prizes, made by Acharya Chandanaji Maharaj were presented to the children who completed the walk.

If you would like you and your children to participate in an active and forward looking organisation which will teach new skills and knowledge and help you understand the beauty of Jain religion, why not come along to our classes? Term dates are as follows:


Term Dates - Autumn 2010:


Kingsbury High School, Kingsbury, NW9 9JR (Stag lane entrance)





















(half term - no school)









Diwali Function









Parents Evening

Jai Jinendra
SCVP Committee

Forthcoming events which may be of interest to you:

Young Jains Convention 2010: Voyage to Freedom

Jai Jinendra,
Five days to go to the YJ Convention...
If you haven't yet registered for the YJ Convention entitled "Voyage To Freedom" taking place on 27th to 29th August 2010, you only have one day left before prices rise.
Visit the website for more information and to register spaces for you, your friends and your family online. This is an event for ALL ages.

"What goes around comes around", "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", "do unto others as you would have done unto you".

These commonly used phrases often help us makes sense of the world and inform our moral imperative. But sometimes, it is hard for us to make sense of what we consider to be senseless suffering, tragedy and injustice.

As the ship of your life fills with water, we will show you how to empty it so you can safely cross the ocean. As your spritual home fills with the dust of karma, we will show you how to close the windows and doors that invite karma in. In your journey through the sands of time, your feet attract this sand, sticking to you for ages, delaying your journey - we will show how to ensure that less sticks and it sticks for less time.

You are invited to take time out and immerse yourself in the fun learning of Jain ideas and philosophy.
The weekend is also a real opportunity for you to meet like-minded people.

Voyage to Freedom, the 2010 Convention will deliver these insights in an easily accessible way so that you will be able to understand and apply them to enhance both your immediate practical life and your long-term need for spiritual fulfillment.

Using modern techniques, interactive workshops, music, story telling, and so many other media, Young Jains will share with you the Law of Karma as described in the timeless tradition, authenticated by scripture and saints, in a way which will impact you here and now, with contemporary relevance.

You will learn the framework of the Tattvas which will empower you to be genuinely forgiving, motivate your spiritual quest, and impact your immediate moral needs.
If you know Young Jains, then you know how much you will gain. If you do not, then come and see how we deliver eternal truth in a contemporary way. The method may be fresh, innovative and young, but it will add value to delegates of all ages and experiences, as many have testified.

Visit the website for more information and to register spaces for you, your friends and your family online. This is an event for ALL ages.

Best wishes,
The YJ Convention Team


Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth
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