A Short History Of The Terapanthi Sect Of The Swetamber Jains And Its Tenets: 01.3 Acharya Raichand

Published: 25.08.2010

The third Acharyya Sree Sree 1008 Sree Sree RAICHANDJI SWAMI, who was born in Samvat 1847 in the village Barhi Rawaliyan, was installed as Acharyya in Rajnagar. His father was Chaturji Bomb, an Oswal by caste and his mother's name was Kushalaji. He initiated 77 Sadhus and 168 Sadhwis and passed away at the age of 62 Magh Badi 14, Samvat 1908 in Rawaliyan.


5th Edition, 1946
Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Sabha, Calcutta, India

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