JAINA 2011 Shikharjee YATRA + Schedule

Posted: 24.08.2010
Updated on: 30.07.2015

JAINA: Federation of Jain Associations in North America

JAINA 2011 Shikharjee YATRA

1/18/2011 to 2/1/2011






  Dilip V. Shah (dilpvshah(at)gmail.com)


Registration Information

Online registration is available until: 1/18/2011



JAINA 2011 Shikharjee YATRA


The Pilgrimage Committee of JAINA is organizing YATRA to Shree Samet Shikarjee and nearby Teerths. The Maha Teerth Yatra will encompass eastern PANCHTEERTHI with pilgrimage to 45 Kalyanak Bhoomies and include 3 Pahad Yatras (Shikharjee, Rajgir and Lachhwad). We will start from Calcutta on January 18, 2011 and end in Banaras on February 1. In addition to Shree Shikharjee, we will visit Rujuvalika, Rajgir, Veerayatan, Pawapuri, Lachhwad, Kundalpur, Guniyaji, Nalanda, Bodhi Gaya, Sinhpuri, Bhelupur, Bhadaini and Banaras.


The yatris will also be able to participate in the AMRUT MAHOTSAV - 75th Birthday of Acharya Shree Chandanaji. Veeraytan is planning a medical camp in Pawapuri for 75,000 poor and needy of Rajgir and Pawapuri districts with emphasis on malnourished children and eye camp for 3,000. This opportunity to witness "Compassion in Action” - hallmark of Veeraytan will be a memorable experience for yatris on the very land where Bhagwan Mahavir spent four Chaturmas but Jainism has nearly vanished today.  Medical professionals and other volunteers who wish to offer their services for longer duration will be able to make arrangements through JAINA pilgrimage committee.


The cost of the entire ground package in India (lodging, boarding and land travel) for two persons occupancy will be $1250 (including $100 for Yatra fund for donations to places we visit and JAINA’s administrative fee of $50.00)


JAINA YATRA is an excellent opportunity to invite your friends and family members in India to join with you and fulfill life long dream of yatra to our Saswat Teerth. If you would like to join the yatra or get more information, please contact the pilgrimage committee by writing to dilpvshah(at)gmail.com or calling (215) 561 - 0581. More details and the registration forms will be available on JAINA web site under "JAINA 2011 Shikarjee YATRA”.


Dilip V Shah

Chairman, JAINA Pilgrimage Committee
1902 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19103

Tentative Itinerary JAINA YATRA 2011 SHIKHARJI & Nearby Teerths

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