Posted: 06.11.2004
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Physical substance, matter, energy

'Pud' means to combine/integrate and 'gala' means to separate/disintegrate.
Hence, the basic meaning of the word pudgala is:

"That which undergoes modifications by integration and disintegration."

In the words of the modern science, we can say that "what is fissionable and fusionable is 'pudgala'."

The 4 types of Pudgala:

  1. Skandha - The impartite portion of a Paramanu
  2. Desa - Imaginary portion of a skandha
  3. Pradesa - an indivisible part, jointed with the skandha
  4. Paramanu - the minutest part, separate from a skandha.

The smallest and minutest form of a Pudgala is a Paramanu, which cannot be cut, pierced, grasped, burnt and divided.

The 4 qualities:

  1. colour
  2. taste
  3. odour
  4. touch

Pudgala dravya: substance


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