Chaturmasik Tapsyas

Published: 26.07.2010
Updated: 05.08.2010
Samani Sanmati Pragya
Samani Shukla Pragya

Today Chaturmas has started. Let’s welcome it spiritually.

Chaturmas period is the period of Tapsya.

JVB New Jersey is planning to make a chain of Tapsya in Savan and Bhadrav. Every day there will be at least anyone of  Upwas,  Ayambil, Ekasan,  Biyaasan, Ratri Bhojan Prtyakhyan or any other tapsya for 2 Months. 

Pls participate in TAPSYA program. You can inspire your friends, children and grandchildren also. There are several benefits of Tapsya

  • It increases white blood cells.
  • It cleans up your digestive system and provides rest to it.
  • The saved energy is used in healing.
  • It sheds off the karma
  • It develops purity of the self and brings you close to your own self.

Do not get scared of Fasting. Be part of it.  You can contact samaniji at 732-404-1430 to sign up your name.

JVB New Jersey
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