Shri Siddha Chakra (43)

Posted: 16.07.2010
Updated on: 30.11.2012


Shri Siddha Chakra

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Vase-shape mandala painted in brown has Arhat in the centre.

The other four Arhats (Tirthankara), Siddha (liberated one), Acharya (mendicant leader), Upadhyaya (mendicant preceptor) and Sadhu (mendicant) are seated in the petals of the four cardinal directions.

The rest of the four petals are blank.

There are small shrines in all the four corners of the painting.

King Shripala and queen Mayanavati are worshipping the Siddhachakra.

The fact that there are two annual celebration centrered around the Siddhachakra worship speaks for its popularity.

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