Bhattaraka Devendrakirti of Humcha Died of Cardiac Failure at 5 am on 14/07/2010

Author:  Image of Manish ModiManish Modi
Published: 15.07.2010

Jay Jinendra, Dear friends,

I am deeply sorry to inform you that Bhattaraka Devendrakirti of Humcha died of cardiac failure at 5 am on 14/07/2010. He was at his pontifical seat Humcha (Karnataka).

It comes as a shock to hear of his death, especially since he was only 63 and reasonably fit. He was such a modest and kind man! His learning and hallowed position as the Bhattaraka of one of the most popular Jain mathas in Karnataka had imbued him with skill and tact, but did not affect his essential niceness. He was not only extremely learned in the Jain doctrine, but spoke with equal command in Hindi, English, Kannada and Sanskrit.

I was fortunate to spend a day in his august company at the Boston Jina Mandira Pratishtha Samaroha on 27 June, 2010 held at Norwood (MA). He was master of ceremonies during the ritual consecration of the three large Jina idols at the Jain Centre of Greater Boston's new temple premises. He conducted the sacred ceremony with immense dignity and grace. He showed remarkable ecumenicity of spirit. He patiently explained to us each aspect of the ceremony and provided doctrinal explanations for all the rituals. All of us Jain laypersons (and I include our listmember Kathy Ullrich in this group of Jain laity) felt part of the entire process and came away feeling sanctified after witnessing the ceremony.

I bow in obeisance to his memory and pray for his soul.

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