Posted: 15.07.2010
By Manish Modi
Jay Jinendra, Dear friends, I am deeply sorry to inform you that Bhattaraka Devendrakirti of Humcha died of cardiac failure at 5 am on 14/07/2010. He was at his pontifical seat Humcha (Karnataka). It comes as a shock to hear of his death, especially since he was only 63 and reasonably fit. He was such a modest and kind man! His learning and hallowed position as the Bhattaraka of one of the most popular Jain...
Posted: 15.07.2010
By Prof. Dr. Nagarajaiah Hampana
In the death of HH Svasti Shri Devendrakirti Bhattarak Svamiji, pontiff maximus of Hombuja Jaina kshetra, more than a thousand year old monastery, Karnataka and Jaina community has lost an extraordinary saint-scholar. Having travelled far and wide extensively he was a rare combination of ancient and modern. For the past four decades the services he rendered and contribution he made to preserve and promote the...
Posted: 15.07.2010
His Holiness Bharata Gaurava Swasti Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji, the pontiff of Humcha Jain Mutt passed away this morning. He breathed his last due to cardiac arrest at around 5.00 am here at Humcha. Aged about 63 years, Devendrakeerthi Swamiji was consecrated to the Bhattarakha seat at Humcha at an young age of 22 years in 1969. He had an erudite knowledge on Jain philosophy and was known for his...

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