Brihad Siddha Chakra (36)

Posted: 10.07.2010
Updated on: 30.11.2012


Brihad Siddha Chakra

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The Siddhachakra is one of the most popular yantras depicted here as a full-blown lotus inside two concentric circles, consisting of over a hundred petals.

The five great supreme beings namely the Arhat, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyaya and Sadhu all are helpful in our voyage to self-discovery illustrated in the centre.

The Arhat occupies the centre.

The other four petals contain mantras related to Samyak Darshan (right belief), Samyak Jnan (right knowledge), Samyak Charitra (right conduct) and Samyak Tap (right asceticism).



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