Siddhachakra Mahayantra (32)

Posted: 06.07.2010
Updated on: 30.11.2012


Siddhachakra Mahayantra

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The Siddhachakra Yantra is one of the most important and popular Jain yantras (mystical diagrams).

The central lotus has symbolically encircled five supreme beings namely Arihant (Tirthankara) in the centre and Siddha (the liberated souls), Acharya (Mendicant leader), Upadhyaya (Mendicant preceptor) and Sadhu (Mendicant) as well as Samyak-jnana (right knowledge), Samyak-charitra (right conduct) Samyak-darshan (right belief) and Samyak-tapa (right asceticism) in eight petals.

Alternate petals on outer circle have various mantras.

At the bottom of the painting, Raja (King) Shripala and his queen Mayanasundari are shown worshipping the yantra.

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