Posted: 21.06.2010
Victorious Ones: Jain Images of Perfection A virtual tour of the Exhibition at Rubin Museum of Art, New York City " As with all Indian religious traditions, salvation co mes for the Jains through personal activity alone. They hold that all beings transmigrate through countless lifetimes, ignorantly chasing selfish and therefore, violent pursuits. Only those who have mastered the Jain path perceive reality as it...
Posted: 19.09.2009
Victorious Ones Jain Images of Perfection September 18, 2009 - February 15, 2010 Jainism constitutes one of India's three classical religions, the others being Buddhism and Hinduism. Though older than Buddhism by a generation, Jainism has much in common with it. Both arose and were first spread in northeastern India. Both aim to lead their followers away from the painful cycle of endless rebirths (samsara) and...
Posted: 16.05.2009
Rubin Museum Of Art Major Exhibition of Jain Art Reaches Back in Time to an Ancient, Little-known Cosmology New York - From September 18, 2009, to February 15, 2010, the Rubin Museum of Art invites visitors to take a leap of imagination, away from Western paradigms and over the millennia, into the universe of the Jains. Present-day practitioners of this lesser known ancient and ascetic faith, which dates from...
Posted: 28.01.2009
Sunday, February 1, 2009 at 11:00 AM Informative presentation on the Victorious Ones: Jain Images of Perfection an exhibition of 64 extraordinary paintings and sculpture opening at the Rubin Museum of Art, NY, on September 18, 2009. RUBIN MUSEUM OF ART 150 WEST 17TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10011 T 212.620.5000 F 212.620.0628 For details see:

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