Adhaidvipa, 'Two and a half continents' (17)

Posted: 19.06.2010
Updated on: 02.07.2015


Adhai-dvipa, 'Two and a half continents'

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According to Jain cosmography, Adhai-dvipa occupies the world of men (manusya-loka).


It comprises of Jambudvipa ("Island of the Rose apple tree") in the center, which  is surrounded by Lavana-samudra ("Salt ocean").


The next continent is called Dhataki-khanda  which is surrounded by an ocean named Kalodadhi ("Blackwater ocean"). Surrounding all these is Pushakara-dvipa ("Lotus island"), which is divided by a mountain range into an inner part, inhabited by humans, and an outer area without human life.


Tirthankaras are in the northern and southern peripheral areas of Jambudvipa.


The devotees are shown in the circle.

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