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Preksha Meditation
Preksha Meditation "Due to our abysmal ignorance, we are totally unaware of the boundless ocean of joy surging within us." - Acharya Shree Mahapragya

Christian Geerdes
Christian Geerdes

These are wise words.
We in the footsteps have to grow upon the abysmal ignorance of the endless suffering around and inside of us. Not easy to succeed in balancing good & bad to zero. A fight to loose all & everything which has 2 sides - just to open the exit door and face the boundless ocean of joy surging within us all the time...
In this view meditators are ahimsa warriors. My endless respect and love to the saints!

Preksha Meditation
Preksha Meditation
@Christian, in short you have given the key to open the door...
we have also a good adjective now for Preksha practitioners: "ahimsa warriors". Nice one.
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