Many-Sided Wisdom: A New Politics of the Spirit

Posted: 07.04.2010
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Anekant is a new political philosophy with ancient spiritual roots. It derives from the teachings of the Jains in India, but is relevant to all cultures and all times, especially our present interconnected yet dangerously divided world.

Anekant literally means ‘Many-Sidedness’. It recognises that there are an infinite variety of paths towards the same truth and so the search for truth must be undertaken with humility. All beings - including humans - are on the same journey. Those who are certain that they have grasped the truth are likely to be the furthest from it.

Many-Sided Wisdom teaches us that human supremacy is a delusion - leading to ecological destruction, the oppression of other species and exploitation of human by human. Practising Many-Sidedness is about realising that ‘society’ means more than just humans, because it embraces all forms of life. We should learn to co-operate instead of competing with each other – and work with nature rather than pointlessly attempting to ‘conquer’ it.

Anekant empowers us to break our attachment to domination and force.

Author: Aidan Rankin
Publisher: O Books, UK
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84694-277-8
Pages: 165 Paperback
Dimensions: 26/140 mm
Weight: Many-Sided Wisdom: A New Politics of the Spirit

Price: £9.99 || $19.95



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